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Who is on the Lord’s side?

Posted by appolus on June 21, 2019

Who is on the Lord’s side?

In Exodus 32 we read a very disturbing story. Moses leaves the people and goes up into the mountain to be with God. It was not long at all before the people come to Aaron, his brother, a priest, the religious head, and demand from him an idol to worship because Moses was seemingly gone and would not return. Aaron, rather than stand his ground, placates the people and gives them what they want. He gathers from them gold and from that gold he makes a calf, the very god that was worshiped in Egypt, and the people fall down and worship this calf as they give this false god credit for taking them out of Egypt.

We are living in a day when the Lord’s presence has all but departed from our gatherings, our meetings, our churches. The people have come to the religious leaders and demanded that they ignore divorce. They have demanded that they recognize gay marriage. They have demanded that they recognize trans-genders. Every form of sin one can imagine the people have demanded the religious leaders legitimize. And once they got it the people have risen up and played the harlot with other gods while the King of Kings is relegated to a mere afterthought and a slogan.

Now, when Moses returns and confronts Aaron, listen to what Aaron says to Moses. And I said unto them, Whosoever hath any gold, let them break it off. So they gave it me: then I cast it into the fire, and there came out this calf (Exo 32:24) Aaron has not only completely ignored his role in the whole affair by blaming the people, he lies through his teeth. He says that he throws all the gold that was gathered, into a fire, and out pops, as if by magic, a golden calf. Yet we know from the previous verses that this of course was not so.

And all the people break off the golden earrings which were in their ears, and brought them unto Aaron. And he received them at their hand, and fashioned it with a graving tool, after he had made it a molten calf: and they said, These be thy gods, O Israel, which brought thee up out of the land of Egypt.(Exo 32:3-4)

You see? He fashioned the idol with a graving tool. He, very particularly created the very god that they had been delivered from, the god that was worshiped by the Egyptians and under whose name they had been enslaved and treated cruelly for hundreds of years. They had fallen back into slavery. When Moses found them they were naked, they had been involved in every kind of sexual sin as they had thrown of all the restraints of a Holy God.

Now, the religious leaders of many of today’s denominations have thrown of all restraints. All over the world we see denominations embrace sexually sinful lifestyles for the same reason that Aaron did. Aaron feared the people. He was not a leader at all, Moses was. He feared that the people would reject him or kill him so he not only gave them what they wanted, he himself crafted the very gods that the people were bowing down to and rising up to play in the name of.

We see that the punishment was severe. Three thousand were killed by the hands of the Levites. Now we know that God could have slain them, He had slain others before who had been involved in rebellion. Yet here, the Levites must decide whom they serve. Undoubtedly they were called to slay those whom they knew, family members, friends and the like. Today, we must decide whom we shall serve. We are certainly not called to kill anyone but we are called to discern with whom we shall fellowship with.

Brothers and sisters do you dwell within an organization that is run by religious leaders who have capitulated to the noisiest and basest of people? Will you partake of their sin? We know from our reading of Scripture that not all the people indulged in this rebellion. In verse 26 Moses calls to the people “Who is on the Lord’s side?” The question for Christendom today is as relevant “Who is on the Lord’s side?” Will you be found standing upon the Lord and His Word or will you be found fallen and naked before the golden calf? The rebellion that we see in the Christian camp today all over the world is as serious if not more serious than what we read in the scriptural account here in Exodus. There comes a time when you must make a stand, you must decide if you will follow the people and what seems right in their eyes or will you follow the Lord and His Word even if it means that you will be despised and rejected by the world. As Moses learned a long time before it is better to ” suffer affliction with the people of God than to enjoy the pleasures of sin for a season.” (Heb 11:26)

4 Responses to “Who is on the Lord’s side?”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank. This is a very powerful word. This word ties right in with the word that you gave a few days ago on having a “Clean Conscience” Out of those millions of people that came out of Egypt, there was only two that had a clean conscience, that was Moses and Joshua who went up on the mountian. All it is going to take to get the churches going in the right direction again is just one man in each church to begin with, to have a clean conscience,a man that has conformed to the image of Jesus Christ, and that one man needs to be the pastor. If the pastor has conformed to the image of Christ, the rest of the people will follow in short order, or they will leave. Good word brother.

  2. Rebecca said

    The Hebrew people saw the plagues … even was kept from all but three. Then they were required to make a choice … those that followed GOD’S commands that first Passover were saved … those that did not the first born perished: Hebrews and Egyptian alike. The people who were called out not only saw the Red Sea part taking them to safety but they saw it close over to destroy their enemies. They danced and sang on the dry bank and called Yahweh their GOD! Then they said I will do all that HE commanded. The 70 representatives went up and ate a covenant meal on the mountain of GOD. But the peoples hearts were still in Egypt … they were well versed in well spoken words.

    I read an article by a man who has been in many churches and cathedrals around the globe. He showed pictures of these buildings that held a prominent place in the skyline. Inside these buildings was a picture of opulence. What he said is true they were built to draw people in through the flesh. It was a place that provoked servant-hood to esteeming power of certain men which fulfills their greed. They are exalted as the one to follow … this is the church of today… but it is not Christ’s church.

    In Acts 11 the people are joined to The LORD not a religious institution. GOD does desire unity of His people and worship but that unity must be in Spirit and in Truth. The worship GOD desires is a humble heart who glorifies GOD as a living sacrifice … one who dies to self daily knowing that the ‘I’ must decrease as HE increases.

    I so desire the fellowship … with a people who are yoked to Christ. I do not trust the needs of my flesh. I so desire a clean and pure heart. I appreciate what brother Robert said but what shows up in history is that GOD gave them the most humble man Moses and still only two went into the promised land. GOD gave them a warrior in Joshua and once he died GOD called the men of Judah to lead … then came Judges. Typically throughout history no matter the leader the people wandered and were ensnared through rebellion and then much suffering. They would cry out and in GOD’S mercy be once again rescued by a righteous judge … after his death the people reverted once again to worship pagan gods. We are no different. My prayer is not to wander from HIS Truth.

    We must cling ever so close to Christ … HIS Word and Spirit for ourselves. It is an evil day and Satan knows his time is short. He does not torment the unbelievers or the Sunday go to church people. Satan is after the remnant … that is why we are told those who endure to the end will be saved. GOD is faithful He will not allow temptation beyond what we can bare and HE always shows a way of escape. We are the ones who are to be the salt and the light. Their WILL be those who do great exploits and it will be at great personal cost. The reminder to me is that this temporary place is not my home … in the wilderness I am learning to trust Him more completely.

    Do I desire to be part of a fellowship? Yes I do and I know that the wheat and tares grow up together.I also know about the spirit of Amalek who attacks the isolated, the wounded and weak. In this prayer … the Word … relationship with Christ through His Spirit keeps me not only from the deceiver but from my own fleshly desires.

    I am thankful for your site …

    • appolus said

      Good word sister, amen. Men, all men who count Jesus as their own must follow Him be there a good man to lead them or not. Good men die, good men fall, good men fall into error which is why every saint must know the Lord intimately for themselves and not through a proxy. It was designed that way. He would teach His own and write His law upon their hearts. The good man delivered the law on tablets of stone, the Lord delivers His way by engraving them on the hearts of His followers. If we genuinely seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness then we will walk in a path that is worthy of His calling. Only when this foundation is established in the lives of believers can they then build upon it with good materials lest they erect a structure of wood, hay and stubble……………………..bro Frank

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