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The way of knowing God.

Posted by appolus on January 13, 2019

1Cor 8:1b Knowledge puffs up, but love edifies

It is interesting to consider that the very first act of defiance against God was carried out in a pursuit of knowledge.The results of that disobedience, that desire to know, separated man from God. Consider this Scripture that speaks of riches- But they that will be rich fall into temptation and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lusts, which drown men in destruction and perdition.(1Ti 6:9)

You see that riches in and of themselves are not sinful or harmful. It is the desire to be rich that draws men into temptation and a trap, and releases many hurtful lusts which the Scriptures say drown men in destruction and perdition, which means eternal destruction. These are very solemn and frightening warnings. Now I would argue that knowledge, in and of itself is fine, but the pursuit of head knowledge in relation to God has the same kind of consequences. It draws men into the harmful sins of pride and ego and of course pride separates us from God, He resists the proud.

There is a way to know Jesus more deeply, it is found through suffering. And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. (2Co 12:9) Here Paul is speaking about how the power of God may rest upon us. It is ironic that so much of the charismatic movement is taken up with a desire for the power of Christ yet rather than submit to suffering and infirmities and simply trust in God knowing that His grace is sufficient for us, they desire the opposite. They see no place for suffering or infirmities, to them it is a sign of a lack of faith.

Can you imagine if your pastor stood up next Sunday morning and asked the congregation is they desired the power of God in their lives. We can say with great probability that almost everyone would raise their hand to that question. Next he tells the congregation that in order to truly move in the depths of Christ, to be closer to Him and to have the power of Christ rest on them they must surrender to sufferings and trials and tribulations and infirmities, not only surrender to them but praise God for them for when we are weak, then He is strong and He is glorified in the midst of our own sufferings. How many would come forward to the altar for that call?

University and Bible college will not bring you closer to God. Head knowledge will not bring you closer to God. You can pursue degree after degree and masters and doctorates, but this desire for knowledge, for the sake of knowledge will draw you away from God. Those who suffer much for His cause, those who face trial and tribulation for His sake, those who have thorns in their flesh are humbled for if the Lord will give us an abundance or revelation we need to be in such a state of humility.

God’s remnant saints walk the way of infirmities and weakness. They know what it is to be persecuted and hated for His sake. They do not desire to impress men, they do not suffer from the fear of man, they are anointed with the fear and the favor of God. The pursuit of anything other than communion and intimacy with Jesus will lead us away from Him. No matter how righteous the matter is that you are pursuing, if it is not Jesus then you are in very real danger of falling into temptations and being caught in snares. Perhaps you have been pursuing something other than God. Today is the day to die to that pursuit and know that God’s grace is sufficient for you. Rest in Him, be found in Him, it is the greatest treasure that exists and it is the only way to know Him more deeply. Come into His depths this day.

4 Responses to “The way of knowing God.”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank…..You hit nearly every Christian in the world on the head with the phrase in the last paragraph of your excellent article, “Perhaps you have been pursuing something other than God”. That doctrine of mammon worship that the charismatic movement has pushed upon the Christian church, has done more to lead people off in that direction than any other one thing in the history of the church, When it comes to the truth of Gods word, most people don,t recognize the truth when they hear it, simply because of what they have been taught by some man rather than reading the Bible for themselves. Suffering has ceased to be in the theology of todays churches. You are preaching it like it is brother. Good article.

    • appolus said

      I agree brother Robert, this charismatic teaching of health and wealth has been a fatal blow to the pentecostal movement. The tragedy is that it was spread to many African countries as well and spread rapidly like a virus. …………………..bro Frank

  2. Scott Price said

    Hi Brother Frank.
    The church overall in the West is generally without a theology of suffering. A simple search of the NT will reveal 20 plus significant benefits to God’s people from the trials, afflictions and sufferings God allows and ordains that His people (including His own Son ) to go through. In many circles, a God who would decree such suffering for His people is a cosmic child abuser instead of a loving Father who tests, disciplines and trains His children to maturity. The church is sorely lacking in a theology of suffering and is misrepresenting God. Fellowship isn’t possible if we avoid the suffering when it is God’s will to suffer.

    • appolus said

      You are right brother, we are without a theology of suffering. It is an anathema to much of Christendom throughout the world. The narrow path is narrow for a reason, for few there are that find it for few there are that desire it more than anything even life itself yet Jesus told us that if we try and save our lives then we lose our eternal souls, yet those who lose or give up their lives for His sake gain eternal life………………….bro Frank

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