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For thou art with me

Posted by appolus on January 14, 2019

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me (Psa 23:4) Isn’t that the beginning and end of it all? No matter what we are suffering, no matter what we are going through, as long as He is with us then we can go through. Through the waters, through the floods, through every trial and tribulation and vexation of heart and soul and mind and body, if we are found in Him and He is in us and with us then we shall prevail, we shall overcome. God bless all who find themselves in any kind of shadow today. There is a light and His name is Jesus.

5 Responses to “For thou art with me”

  1. Thank you for those words of encouragement for today. I need to focus on the truth.

  2. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank…..I am behind on everything as usual. This article that you wrote is several days old, but I feel very strongly that I should comment on it, as it might very well be an encouragement to someone in these dark days that are coming upon the world. the incident that I am relating here happened not very long ago here in Mexico where I am a missionary.
    I was driving along in Mexico, on my way back to my mission base after a trip to the a trip to the United States on mission business, when a SUV vehicle pulled up along side me, and forced me off the road. There were 7 men inside the SUV as best as I can remember. the men piled out of the SUV with AK 47 assault rifles pointed at me 4 of the men walked over to my Ford Lobo pick-up truck. One of the men reached inside my truck and unlocked the doors. 3 of the men got in the back seat of my truck, and one got in the front. The man in the front spoke English very well. The 3 m3n in the back had AK 47s at the back of my head, and the one sitting directly behind me had a hand held radio, and he was talking to someone on the other end.. The man in the front said, “We want your truck” . Let me tell you brothers and sisters, the things of this world loses its value when you have AK 47 assault rifles pointed at your head. I handed him the keys to my truck, and said, “here is the keys, just let me out and I will walk home”. Then he said, “we want your money also”, I gave him my entire wallet, and said, “just let me out and I will walk home. Then the man in front said, “Who are you, and why are you in Mexico”. I said,”I am an American missionary, and I build churches, feed the poor, and other things in the Lords work”. Then the one in the back with the radio said to whoever he was talking to, ” we have a very nice Ford Lobo truck here, but the man driving it is an American missionary” Whoever it was on the other end, whom I assume was the big boss said something to the one with the radio, and what I assume he said was, “Turn him lose now”. They handed my keys and wallet back to me, and then kissed the back of my hand, and said “We are sorry sir, you are free to go.” Every one of them shook my hand, then got out of my truck, and said , “Have a good day”. I drove off down the road singing, “Glory, Glory, Halleluah”
    Yes brothers and sisters, The Lord Jesus Christ is indeed our Shepherd, and he is indeed with us. I am a witness to the absolute fact that the Lord our God is with us, ALL THE TIME.

    • appolus said

      Dear brother I cannot think of a better illustration, I thank the Lord for His presence with you and how He goes before you and surrounds you and is in you. Every knee must bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord to the glory of God the Father…………………bro Frank

  3. tumblr said


    For thou art with me « A Call To The Remnant

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