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The furrows on my brow

Posted by appolus on November 21, 2017

Can you see the furrows on my brow
Each tells a hundred stories of the whys and of the how
I have walked through howling winds I have walked through pouring rain
I have journeyed through the joys and I have journeyed through the pain

Every single furrow marks the valleys I have trod
And the narrow winding road that leads me back to God
And every single line that is marked upon my face
Highlights the very fact that I have lived by grace

Each and every soldier bears the scars of many fights
For every cloudless day there are just as many nights
But even through the furrows and all my many lines
You will see my joy, you’ll see my love and many other signs

For though I bear the scars that are etched upon my back
In the depths of my very soul there has never been a lack
There’s a deep wellspring of peace that continually flows
Despite the many rains and the mighty wind that blows

There is a greater wind from God that carries me along
There is a latter rain from heaven that makes me very strong
The hand of God Himself is the hand that holds the plow
You will know I’ve been to war by the furrows on my brow.

2 Responses to “The furrows on my brow”

  1. Fiona Burky said

    Thank you for sharing this. Very timely as I go through getting another furrow in my own brow. Thank you for your encouragement, Frank!

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