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Every tear that falls

Posted by appolus on November 15, 2017

If every tear could tell a story
About your love and all its glory
Could you read the words that I cry
Could you even begin to try

With every single tear that fell
There is a story it will tell
A single tear that falls with emotion
Is deeper than the deepest ocean

Tears of joy and tears of pain
A single tear or falling rain
Some tears are caused by a poison dart
That finds it mark and breaks the heart

Some tears come from a cleansing flood
Part of the river and part of the blood
Other tears fall from bitter regret
Of all the things done we’d rather forget

So when all of your tears are gathered together
And are carried away by that heavenly river
They will flow to a sea and by its name it will bless
For the name of that sea is forgetfulness

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