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When your heart is a city without a wall

Posted by appolus on November 16, 2017

Jesus was a man acquainted with sorrows. It is not something that we like to dwell on too often but there it is. When we are physically attacked, at the very least, we throw up our hands to protect ourselves. Yet when our heart is open, as it must be to walk with and serve the Lord, then it is utterly vulnerable to attack. It is like a city without a wall. It is so tempting to allow our hearts to begin to close down, to construct a moat around our hearts and make it difficult for people to ” come in.” I have cried out to the Lord many times to fill my heart with love even when I had not the slightest desire to. This is the Word of God doing it’s work, when our own love fails, when we come to the end of our emotions, when anger and bitterness and melancholy seek to drown us or perhaps apathy sweeps down like an avalanche and smothers everything, then we cry out to God for what we know is right and we wait.

We are told to wait upon the Lord, to believe that He is a rewarder of those diligently seek Him. If you are tired and weary, cry out to God and wait. Cry out for what you know to be right no matter what your heart or your emotions tell you. Then suddenly the presence of God will lift you and carry you beyond and above, high above the cares and pain of this world. He will make you lie down for a while in green pastures, He will lead and guide you and comfort you.He will do it. He feeds our hearts and waters our thirsty souls.

He prepares a table before us right there in the midst of our circumstances and we are strengthened to carry on. Every time we walk through the fire or the flood and walk out the other side there is a growing realization that surely goodness and mercy has followed us and will follow us all the days of our lives. This is the joy of knowing Him on this all to often painful journey. We persevere and overcome because our hand is outstretched to His and that outstretched hand reaches high into the heavens and touches His outstretched hand and we find ourselves before the throne of mercy and grace.

10 Responses to “When your heart is a city without a wall”

  1. Steve said

    Frank, thank you for this insight on what it means to have Jesus’ kind of heart: not walled-in to defend itself, open and completely vulnerable to all who approach it.

  2. exposeevil said

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  3. Bruce Sims said

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  4. Fiona Burky said

    Thank you for sharing this encouragement. It’s not an possible thing to do in our own strength, and often our feelings of fear and needing to protect ourselves emotionally block God’s ability to work in us and through us. I suspect you and I have similar backgrounds when it comes to having a rough childhood . I still struggle at times with not projecting the type of unstable love I experienced from my parents onto my Heavenly Father. But He hasn’t given up on me and continues to slowly build in me a proper understanding of how different His love is to what I’ve experienced. My prayer is that I can have the same type of love He has towards others regardless of how they treat me.

    • appolus said

      You are right sister, it is not something we can do in our own strength. We do have a similar background I imagine, I was raised by a violent alcoholic who did not like me at all, to say the least. I wrote my testimony a long time ago https://acalltotheremnant.com/my-testimony/ It is quite lengthy and of course only scratches the surface. Yet, and I know you would agree, this only makes us all the more, trophies of the Lord’s mercy and grace and ability to put back together again ten thousand broken pieces. We are works in progress and still we pursue the Lord and His perfection…………bro Frank

      • Fiona Burky said

        I actually came across your testimony after I wrote my comment. It was difficult to read, not only because I felt so bad for what you went through, but because of the many similarities we have in our upbringing. While my father was not an alcoholic, he had rage issues and would often verbally abuse us and my mom or hit on her. I remember regularly hiding under my bed so as to not be found easily by him when he was in one of his dark moods. The excuse my mum gave us for his behavior was that while stationed somewhere in Africa he’d come down with malaria and had to deal with blinding headaches which is why we always had to tiptoe around him as we never knew when he would become abusive. Don’t know why I’m telling you this as its a part of my life that’s very difficult to think about, but like you I have to believe that God has good reasons for it all and I have to trust in that. As usual, I’m having a difficult time with the holidays as my Christmas memories are not happy memories. But it helps to focus on the real reason for Christmas, our Lord and Savior coming to earth to rescue people like you and me, and that one day we’ll be in a glorious place and experience love unimaginable that will more than make up for what we didn’t get here. No more tears, no more pain, just unspeakable joy and peace. Have a happy Thanksgiving, Frank!

        • appolus said

          Hi Fiona, thanks for sharing. I actually have very little actual memories of my childhood ( praise the Lord) my sister remembered everything. I lost her two years ago, it was not only losing a sister, but losing a soldier from the trench. My younger brother became a serious heroin addict and from the age 16 to 32 spent 13 of those years in prison. Funny you mentioning Christmas, I am not a big fan either. I remember, not that long after getting saved, I was involved in a small group and one time, shortly before Christmas, the leader of the group wanted everyone to share their favorite Christmas day memory. I was dreading it as they were going round the room and it was coming my turn. I think the best I could have said was it might be the one day my mother would not get beaten, but even that was not actually true. So I said some nonsense about Christmas lights and how I loved them ( I actually did love them) did not want to drag the party down 🙂 Anyway, I am very philosophical about the way I grew up. Yes it left me damaged but it also drew me to Jesus, to the deeper wells, deeper into the Father’s heart. And so, to have my sanity and not a destroyed life is a miracle beyond comprehension, I know that every day. I know what is important and by the same token what is not. I am very at ease with dysfunction and the Lord has used that and so on. I would never want to relive it Fiona but I am who I am because of the totality of my life and I am good with that. God bless you sister…………Frank

  5. Helga said

    wow thanks a lot that is exactly what the Holy Spirit has led me to do when I am at the end of anything I can give towards the unlovable hurting people I am stuck with in my work and at home. Thanks for sharing.

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