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Flood conditions.

Posted by appolus on November 22, 2017

As I was walking recently, the Holy Spirit spoke some words to me. ” There is nothing more important than the condition of your heart.” It lingered with me for weeks as I pondered those few words. All of my Christian life I have periods where I retreat into myself and kinda shut down, withdraw from the maddening crowd and simply go along on auto pilot.

In Kansas we can go months without rain. The ground gets baked hard in the sweltering heat of summer. If a rain comes it typically does not penetrate the hard ground, instead there is a flash flood. The ground is wet for a very short period of time and then it is as hard as it ever was.

There are periods when it rains every day in the spring. The ground soaks up the rain and then it rains again and again until it is saturated. When the ground is saturated it takes only a slight rain to cause flooding. The creeks and the rivers are swollen and the landscape is in danger of being changed by raging waters.

If my heart is good, if the waters that flow from heaven flow through me, if my heart remains supple and soaked with the dew that falls from heaven, then it takes very little for the glories of heaven to flood forth from me, living waters that refreshes my soul and others. If my heart is hard, it takes a lot of water just to soften me up. Oh that I would learn to remain close to the source of life itself that I might be useful in season and out of season, that I would be a source of life to others.

2 Responses to “Flood conditions.”

  1. Rebecca said

    The word you shared was not for just you … it spoke to me and I am sure to many others. As I walk through the storm of a life time I am seeing Jesus more clearly and I am seeing Him place me on a rock under His wings of shelter … He is causing me to cleave to Him … He has answered many prayers and sent many comforts through people … I see Him even in the midst of the storm … providing and moving me forward.

    His living water does refresh my soul and through my testimony as someone said this morning all that you have ever spoken to me I now see as a light that shines forth in your actions even in the circumstance you show Christ. I am ever so thankful for the blood of the Lamb and I want the words of my testimony to reflect Jesus in me. I pray daily for a clean receptive heart … I am learning to die to myself more and more. I am learning to live in and for Christ more and more.

    In saying all of this I am not a ‘Polly Anna’ … no some days I am on my face before the throne … but I have finally surrendered the ‘what if’s’ and the ‘whys.’ In crying out to God I know roses will one day bloom again and I am ever so thankful for His washing … for the living water that flows over me and keeps me in Him.

    • appolus said

      True saints, I have found, are never pollyanna’s although they can find joy even in the deepest darkness. God bless you sister. one day as I was walking and praying, I asked the Lord for just one rose. Before that day was over He had given me a garden. It prompted me to write a poem about that which a sister turned into a song https://youtu.be/bMYv-Gjchec Take care Rebecca, hope you have a nice Thanksgiving……………….bro Frank

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