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Healing the broken heart

Posted by appolus on May 12, 2017

To the father that I never had
Long ago when I was just a lad
A word of comfort, perhaps a tender touch
Would that have really been too much?

You could have stopped the falling rain
Falling on a heart so full of pain
But you were the dark cloud up above
And the rain that fell was devoid of any love

To rob a child of what he really needs
Is the sowing of some future loveless seeds
That will fail to grow and die there in the ground
A darkened place where there’s no joyful sound

Can someone give what they have never known?
Can a field give fruit that itself was never sown?
Can the loveless child find life among the dead?
Or shall he ever walk the barren road instead?

Where can the loveless man find what he needs
Who will plough these hearts and plant these seeds
The Father who from above sent down His Son
Will fall like rain and now the work’s begun

This seed alone is the answer from above
Tis Christ the King, it is the Father’s love
To every broken heart and orphaned child
That was lost and all alone and growing wild

You have a heavenly Father, whose arms are opened wide
He plants His precious seed and He plants it deep inside
And the heart that once was hard and could not feel
Begins to beat anew as it begins to heal.

4 Responses to “Healing the broken heart”

  1. Debbie said

    What a lovely poem! I was blessed to read this this morning.

  2. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank……..We have been out in the field, and I am just now getting to read your poem. This poem nails it down nearly 100 % what is wrong in this world. No father figure in the home. I thank my heavenly Father that I had a wonderful relationship with my dad. My father has been dead for 40 years now, and I still miss him to this very day. My dad was my hero. We were dirt poor, but my dad instilled a spiritual foundation in myself and my 6 brothers that has stuck with all of us to this very day. America can elect conservative presidents, put together better school programs, and attend church every time the doors open, but it will all come to naught until the fathers in America gets back in the homes. The problems in America is not caused by the political left, or the right, the problem is the result of fathers abandoning their God given responsibilities to their children. The problem is worse here in Mexico than it is in the States, if that were possible. Fathers abandoning their families is ripping this country apart. But praise our heavenly Father forever, he will never leave or forsake us. Your poem has a good message. I am going to translate it to Spanish, and pass it around down here. Blessings from Mexico brother…………Bro. Robert

    • appolus said

      Totally agree brother, the father is foundational to the heart of the children. Most times an unstable home is caused by an unstable father or a father who has abandoned his home. A father can be physically present as well but be absent in spirit and unavailable to his family or worse can be abusive. My heavenly Father saved my life though His love for me, His love is Jesus………………..bro Frank

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