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A culture of co-existence and the rebuilding of Babel.

Posted by appolus on May 15, 2017

What is a culture of co-existence? In countries throughout the world, for long periods of time, different cultures co-existed. Then what seems to happen is that circumstances change. A catalyst or catalystic events unfold and tensions rise. Often times in a society the minority have ruled the majority and they always seem to make the same mistakes. Greed, lust, desire for power, envy the very essence of a wicked heart begins its journey until it consumes the hosts. The Bible says “The heart is deceitful above all things and beyond cure. Who can understand it?”

If this is true, and I believe that it is, then every society, as it progresses, has already begun the process of its own destruction. The only measurement of its inner ferocity and appetites for wickedness is time. As that wickedness increases and accelerates then the cultures within the dying country or empire begin to coalesce. Hemogany is the order of the day and people gather together with those whom they identify with. It does not have to be color. Class distinction has caused more deaths in the world throughout history that racism has. Man will find a way to hate his fellow-man.

The difference today that separates us from all of history is that the culture of co-existence, where different groups of people can live together with basic good will and harmony, is in free fall all over the world at the same time. On the largest scale it is globalists against nationalists. Brexit and the last election in America are great examples of the struggles between globalists and, for lack of a better word, nationalists. Nationalists will not prevail. The world is heading towards oneness. The globalists will use issues such as Climate change and monetary polices to move forward their agenda.

How does any of this effect Christians? Well we too shall gather together as cataclysmic events unfold. The line and walls that have separated us for multiple generations will crumble and fall. I celebrate that aspect of it. Yet there is another aspect of it. A one world order will require a one world religion. Constantine declared Christianity to be the official religion of Rome. In order to have one system to order the world, and it will be about order, that will require a one world religion. Ecumenicalism will finally have its day. It will not only bring about a unity among the Christian denominations of the world, it will incorporate all the major religions of the world.

Now, since order will be the order of the day then there can be no room or quarter for dissenting voices. Because the world will come to the brink of an all out war and complete financial collapse then order above all else will be the mantra. Order and the brotherhood of man, although it is doubtful that phrase could every be used in a politically correct world. It is incumbent upon the saints to know the truth and stand upon it because the world has sown the wind and shall soon reap the whirlwind. It will not be the whirlwind of chaos and anarchy, it will be the whirlwind of oneness. The construction of the Tower of Babel will once again be taken up and the cry of the world shall be “peace,peace,” but there shall be no peace. Out that darkness the saints cries will be heard around the world. Their light will shine and cause great distress to those who shall be living in shades of grey. How will they drown out the cries? How will they put out the light?

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