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God is the Light.

Posted by appolus on May 9, 2017

Do you face very difficult circumstances today? Are there many trials in your life, too many seemingly to bear? Can you imagine all of those situations and not having God in your life? Without God, there are multiple circumstances, like waves, that can swamp us, overwhelm us, drown us. How many of us know people who are simply overwhelmed by the circumstances of life and who have given up and are given over to drugs, legal or otherwise, and alcohol and even just break downs?

So often I have felt overwhelmed by the circumstances in my life and often times felt that the only thing I had to be grateful for was my salvation and my very sanity. And in that gratefulness was the seeds of overcoming, the genesis of enduring. For where there is a spark of thankfulness there is light. And that spark, that ember is waiting. It will not go out. How do I know this? For He promised us He would not leave us as orphans, He promised us He would not leave or forsake us. He promised. My life, your life the Body is built on nothing less than what He said He would do. He will do it. He will keep us. We are often the only light in our families. Imagine our families without any light at all, not even a spark from heaven. What darkness that would be.

So I encourage you this day. Fall back into His arms and hold on to what you know. He knows. He sees. He has not forgotten. Even although we have an enemy who would scream that in our ears, it is a lie. He sees the afflictions of His people. And even if they find themselves with their backs to the sea, surrounded on every side by mountains and an enemy bearing down on them, if He has to, He will even make a way where there seems to be no way. He will open up the seas, He will create valleys in the mountains which will be passages through impenetrable trials and circumstances. He will do these things. For He is the God who set the stars in the heavens and knows them all by name.

He laid the foundations of the earth. He said to the birds of the air “fly,” and there they fly. He said to the darkness, ” let there be light,” and there is light. He said to the deep ” be full of every kind of life,” and the seas with all of their power reflect His glory. He saw man without any life at all and He breathed His very life into them. And in Him was life and that life is the light of men and this light shines into the darkness of every circumstance and every situation and confounds the darkness. We are, the Body of Christ, the light of the world for in us dwells the light of Go

2 Responses to “God is the Light.”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    Brother Frank……” he won,t leave us as orphans” Praise his Holy name forever! He will never leave us as orphans. The biggest thing I am confronted with here in Mexico is widows and orphans. If the circumstances in a mans family gets kind of difficult, the way he takes care of it is to simply walk away from his family and move in with another woman. I have dealt with hundreds of cases of it in the last 17 years. When the going gets rough in the family of God, he don,t walk away from us. He will never leave us as orphans. Powerful word brother Frank. Just the word I needed at this particular time

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