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A rising army-a vision from God.

Posted by appolus on February 13, 2017

Many years ago I had a vision. I have not had too many visions, but this was the most vivid of them all.

The beginning of the vision was a loud booming voice calling all Christians to awake , “Awake you sleepy Christians.” “Who will ascend Gods Holy Hill? Those with a pure heart and clean hands. This was scene 1, a call to arms. Then the second scene unfolded. I saw thousands of baby turtles heading from the dunes towards the sea. They had a wide beach ahead of them. Before most of them could cross the beach and reach the water they were attacked by birds of every kind. The power of the air had come to attack them, seagulls by the hundreds making a horrendous shrieking noise as they feasted on their helpless prey. Birds of every kind joined the attack, swooping down and pecking and carrying the baby turtles off. Then from the dunes came raccoons and critters of every kind to join in the frenzy and drag these hapless baby turtles away. Just when I thought the slaughter could not get worse, and the turtles were so close to the sea and safety, out from under the sand came crabs, crabs with large pincers which tore into the turtles and they dragged them under the sand to be devoured. As all of this was going on, I could see Scripture framing this whole scene. “Many are called but few are chosen,” “Broad is the road that leads to destruction, narrow is the path that leads to life.”

Suddenly the scene changes, I am on a beach. It was the Normandy landings from WW11. Death was all around me. Young men being killed right where I stood and the severely wounded were all around me, the young men were desperately seeking for a place to hide, for some kind of barrier to protect them from the onslaught. There were kids with their innards hanging out and they were trying to stop them from spilling onto the beach, while screaming for their mothers. Men with their limbs blown off, total chaos and mayhem all around and the screams were deafening.

Suddenly the scene changes again. There is a Rock with a sword embedded into it. This sits right in the middle of an arena.On strolls a man who is dressed like William Wallace,he addresses his vastly outnumbered army who are thinking about fleeing from the battle. The man, who is actually Jesus dressed in full Scottish battle dress, reaches forward , and with both hands, pulls the Claymore from the Rock and turns to address the crowd in the arena.

“ I am Jesus Christ, King of Kings and Lord of Lords. I am maker of heaven and earth and I am the Holy Son of the Living God. I hold in my hand the two-edged sword. And with this sword I will surely destroy all the enemies. This vast army of evil that you see here before you. This army that has dared to challenge the living God, this army that has exposed itself on the battlefield will be completely destroyed this very day. I see another army here before me, the army of the Living God. You have gathered here today in defiance of darkness and tyranny. You have come here to fight as free men and free men you are, for it is I that gave you that very freedom. So you see with your eyes that you are few and they are many, you see that you are vastly outnumbered. Will you fight today? “No, we will run and we will live,” shouts a man from the crowd. “Yes, if you run now you will live a while. If you stay and fight you may die, but I have called you here this day to die in a battle that will be celebrated for all eternity. Yet for those who run and “live,” what kind of life will you live? When you are dying in your beds, many years from now, how many of you will cry out with regret, having lived a life of compromise and shame and know in your heart that you would be willing to trade forty years of compromise for one day of glory in this great battlefield of the flesh. This battle of light against darkness. To be able to say to your enemies “yes, you may kill me and I may have to lose everything this very day but one thing you will never take, you will never take my soul.”

Now the scene changes again. I am in the stadium or arena . Men of God form a semicircle in front of the crowd of young people. Behind the men of God is a sea of flags. The flags are blowing in the wind. The flags represent the enemies that the Holy Spirit had just shown me. The enemies that attacked the turtles each had names and the names were written on the flags. Some of the names were rebellion, lust, sex, drugs, beer, abuse, suicide, bitterness, hatred, greed, materialism, incest, rape, murder and many many more. The call is made to the crowd, it’s the call that Jesus has just made, “Will you come forward and die to these thing this day?” They respond to the call to arms and begin to move forward in obedience. They run towards the enemy, they kneel and pray with the men of God and then arise and move past them and with pure hearts and clean hands they make their way towards the flag that represents what they have just laid down. They pull up the flag and they break it over their knees and throw it to the ground. Freedom rings out into the night sky, the rejoicing rises up into heaven itself and all of heaven rejoices to see Satan’s kingdom torn down and Gods young people taking back that which is theirs, that which is Gods, their very heart. And Satan trembles at the rise of this army.

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