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There is a madness.

Posted by appolus on February 5, 2017

There is a madness in the air. It is so lunatic that it beggars description. All around the world there is delusional thinking. Can you imagine that you are right there, watching the pied piper play his tune and the whole world is intoxicated with it and are dancing. They are winding their way out-of-town and heading towards a mighty cliff and are falling of the edge. The people behind cannot see that the ones in front are falling off because they are so intoxicated by the music and the piper plays on. You run up and down the winding crowd and scream out that they are being led over a cliff. As you do that they begin to mock and jeer. Yet you don’t quit. This begins to infuriate the crowd because your noise is interrupting their enjoyment of the intoxicating music. Their fury begins to turn violent because you will not quit warning them and it is all just a noise that interrupts their intoxication. When the violence achieves nothing then they must turn to murder because they are now addicted to the intoxicating music and your noise is interrupting their enjoyment even although the path that they follow leads directly off a cliff.

There is a blindness that goes along with madness. The world is mad and they are blind and there is a ditch or a cliff or a broad path. All of it leads down into the bowels of hell. Have you ever tried to rationalize with a madman? I think much of the frustration that is going on right now, and the reason that people are so polarized is the difference between night and day. It’s the difference between darkness and light. The darkness does not comprehend the light. If one is given over to nothing then they understand nothing. Yet it is not good enough just to understand what is going on if you are devoid of love. For then your very understanding will become darkness to you and you will find yourself intoxicated. One minute you will be shouting a warning at the crowd and the next minute you will be dancing wildly with the crowd as it heads down the broad winding path. Be careful saints, for the music is really intended for you. Wrap yourself in light and all the more so as the day darken and the storm approaches.

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