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Precious is the day. (a word to someone today)

Posted by appolus on February 1, 2017

Precious is the day
You pulled me in from stormy seas
Precious is the way
You compelled me down upon my knees

Your love was a holy lifeline
For me to take a hold
Your mercy spoke straight to my heart
The greatest story every told

Your forgiveness was like manna
It was food to a starving man
You gave me hope to journey on
Through my many tears I saw your plan

It was a plan to prosper me
And escape from the miry clay
To put my feet on solid ground
To walk with you each day

You gave me living waters
When I was dying in the sand
You cried aloud with all your might
To reach up and take your hand

Lift up your eyes oh child of mine
And see the light from up above
Walk on my child through wind and rain
For you are covered by my love

So precious is the day
When first our hearts did meet
And precious is the saint
Who is found here at my feet

The time is coming very soon
So stand together side by side
And glorify the Living God
And let the Bridegroom take His bride.

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