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There is a madness.

Posted by appolus on February 5, 2017

There is a madness in the air. It is so lunatic that it beggars description. All around the world there is delusional thinking. Can you imagine that you are right there, watching the pied piper play his tune and the whole world is intoxicated with it and are dancing. They are winding their way out-of-town and heading towards a mighty cliff and are falling of the edge. The people behind cannot see that the ones in front are falling off because they are so intoxicated by the music and the piper plays on. You run up and down the winding crowd and scream out that they are being led over a cliff. As you do that they begin to mock and jeer. Yet you don’t quit. This begins to infuriate the crowd because your noise is interrupting their enjoyment of the intoxicating music. Their fury begins to turn violent because you will not quit warning them and it is all just a noise that interrupts their intoxication. When the violence achieves nothing then they must turn to murder because they are now addicted to the intoxicating music and your noise is interrupting their enjoyment even although the path that they follow leads directly off a cliff.

There is a blindness that goes along with madness. The world is mad and they are blind and there is a ditch or a cliff or a broad path. All of it leads down into the bowels of hell. Have you ever tried to rationalize with a madman? I think much of the frustration that is going on right now, and the reason that people are so polarized is the difference between night and day. It’s the difference between darkness and light. The darkness does not comprehend the light. If one is given over to nothing then they understand nothing. Yet it is not good enough just to understand what is going on if you are devoid of love. For then your very understanding will become darkness to you and you will find yourself intoxicated. One minute you will be shouting a warning at the crowd and the next minute you will be dancing wildly with the crowd as it heads down the broad winding path. Be careful saints, for the music is really intended for you. Wrap yourself in light and all the more so as the day darken and the storm approaches.

4 Responses to “There is a madness.”

  1. exposeevil said

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  2. LAMAD said

    I appreciate your insightfulness. I’m certain it comes from God.

    Forgive me for a somewhat long response, but I feel it necessary to say some things that I believe will help even put more perspective on the reality that is unfolding. (I’ve already posted on your FB site, but thought it better to post this on your internet page)

    We are truly living in a time of great peril, especially in the western world. It has been in the making for several hundreds of years through the Age of Enlightenment, Age of Reason, and a plethora of other “age’s.” In the East, it has been quite different. Their societies, while pagan and idolatrous, have always understood that there is a spiritual reality surrounding them. The separation of their spiritual beliefs and everyday life does not exist (for the most part) in Hindu and Buddhistic cultures and societies.

    The spiritual battles we are about to encounter will have a massive impact on churches and “Christians.” It will force us to either dig deep into the spiritual life of Christ, or give into the world’s view of reality. Hand clinging to today’s idea of Christianity and Christendom will be easily pried away and dragged into the worldly view simply because they are not holding onto anything truthful. Reality will be shown for what it is.

    Many say we are living in the so-called “Last Days.” Whether we are is up for debate. After all, just because the West falls, especially America, doesn’t mean the world is coming to an end. To believe God centers his attention to the 50 states is very self-centered. What I do believe is if we do not prepare ourselves for real spiritual battle (peacefulness, gentleness, faithfulness, etc.) we will give into the world. We must begin to embrace the spiritual and reject the world and Christendom’s idea of Christianity.

    So, keep posting and encouraging. Our reality in the Kingdom of God/Heaven. And that is what is internal, eternal, and forever lasting.

    God bless.

    • appolus said

      LAMAD , I believe part of what we are seeing is the dismantling of what we know as Christendom. I may disagree slightly about the West. Going all the way back to before Christ we see the West dominate and influence the world either by the Greeks or the Romans. Even after the fall of Rome we see the world influenced by a Christian west. If the west were to fall the world would plunge into darkness and maybe that will be what happens. I agree that there are only two kingdoms in this world, the kingdom of the world and the kingdom of God. Christians with one foot in one and one foot in another are in danger of being one of the five foolish virgins that were found to be short when it came to oil and this fact caused them to lose their place in the Kingdom of heaven. I believe right now we are seeing that one foot that is still in the world by the reaction to our current political position. To rage back against the nations who rage is to be embroiled in a raging inferno. Our place is as you say “peacefulness, gentleness, faithfulness, etc..” Yet this should not be mistaken for silence. We should speak truth to power, political or religious. John the Baptist was a thorn in the side of both. Jesus managed to do something no other person could do, He united the Scribes, the Pharisees and the Saducees and the Herodians. Groups that despised each other came together because of their common hatred of Jesus. We shall see in the near future strange bed-fellows coming together. On the one side we shall see the equivalent of the Scribes, the Pharisees and the Saducees and the Herodians and on the other side we shall see the Body of Christ coming out of their opposing denominational sides and theological positions and coming together, we shall see, I believe, the unity Jesus spoke of in John 17. Forgive me for my somewhat long answer 🙂 Thank you brother for your great thoughts and points. We are certainly on the same page……………..bro Frank

  3. Steve said

    Frank and LAMAD, thank you both for your insightful posts. I think we’d all agree too that the pervasive “madness” is entirely spiritual (and could probably also be styled “blindness,” “disease,” and/or “foolishness:” likewise spiritual).

    “The spiritual battles we are about to encounter…will force us to either dig deep into the spiritual life of Christ, or give into the world’s view of reality…they are not holding onto anything truthful. Reality will be shown for what it is.”

    Spiritual warfare is the right context, I think: as you say, war against “truthfulness” and “reality.” Marching-orders of the “father of lies” are on every air-wave and news-page daily, directing attacks by the armies-of-the-deceived through “fake news” and “alternative facts.” On our side, I think we’re immune to those attacks, while standing with the One Who IS Himself “The Truth.” But it’s distressing to see so many “Christians” on the other side.

    More than the daily circumstantial lies, I think the enemy’s battle-plan is founded on the Great Lie by which he gained his name: that God’s moral rule, and Sovereignty, and law are of no effect. That contrary what God says, doing wrong will actually give us GOOD results.

    The enemy tested The Lie on us in the Garden of Eden, and it worked. It still works, and it’s the template for most of his lies. It’s certainly the template for the lie by which many Christians of our day have been deceived: that doing unrighteousness will “make America great again.” Madness indeed.

    But I strongly sense God saying that, in this increasingly profound darkness, He is going to restore to MANY His light and His Truth: and The Truth will set them free of their bondage to lies.

    Blessings, brothers, and PRAY, brothers. Steve

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