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Faith delivers what Grace provides

Posted by appolus on August 8, 2015

Faith delivers what Grace provides-Don’t measure your faith, measure your God-David Legge.

It’s worth considering those quotes for a few moments for the truths that they speak to can transform your walk with God. So, if faith delivers what grace provides, what does grace provide? And if faith is so important then why should we ignore faith, s to speak, and rather consider the vastness of God?

If faith is the evidence of things not seen, and it is , then it is first and foremost the evidence of God. We see God in the man who walks in faith. We see God in love and hope and mercy and forgiveness. We see Him in joy and peace and self-control. We see Him in all of these attributes distilled in us and we see Him more clearly the darker the background. The more difficult the circumstance of our lives then the greater the canvas for memorializing God in the hearts and minds of the world.

And so, if the unmerited favor of God first and foremost provides salvation, justification, then it also provides us with the means of how to live out that justification. Grace gives us access to faith and faith is the evidence of the man or woman who walks in close proximity to God. The closer the walk, the greater the faith. The greater the faith, the deeper the love. The greater the faith the more abundant the hope. The greater the faith the more abounding the mercy and forgiveness. And finally, the greater the faith the greater the expressions of joy and peace and self-control. And all of these add up to an expression of the reality of God seen in us, and expression of the reality of the unseen God. A light that pierces the darkness of this world, the hope of this world.

If faith is that important. If it is the deliverer of what grace provides then how shall a man increase in faith? Shall he pray more? Shall he tithe more? Shall he live a more holy life? Shall he increase in the rigors of religious life and then somehow earn more faith by denying himself? Now obviously praying and tithing and holiness and even denying oneself are not inherently wrong. Yet they become disastrous if they are flowing from the heart of one who is trying to earn faith by their own efforts. Everything must flow from the presence of God. What is begun in the Spirit must abide in the Spirit and walk daily in the Spirit. The key of faith, given to us by Jesus that unlocks the door of salvation is also the key which unlocks every other door.

I have seen men trying to kick in the doors of mercy and peace and joy. I have seen groups of men with battering rams trying to break down the doors of love and forgiveness and holiness. I have been that man at times, I have held that battering ram at times. Yet no door that opens deeper into the heart of the Father can be strong armed open. It is not by might or any power it is by His Spirit alone. And it is by weakness and an understanding of our weakness that draws us near to the Father and deeper into His heart. As we draw near, faith is increased. As our faith is increased then it delivers what grace has provided. As we receive what grace has provided then we share with others with what we ourselves have been freely given. As we share this with others, faith is increased and the evidence of God walking amongst us is evident to men and He and He alone is glorified.

Will you draw near today? Will you enter into His rest and cease from your own works today? In His presence there is fulness of joy. In His presence there is a peace that surpasses understanding. In His presence there is forgiveness and restoration. In His presence there is purity of heart. In His presence there is mercy and love beyond measure. In His presence there is strength for the weak. In His presence you can run and not grow weary, you can walk and not faint. In His presence you can mount up with wings as eagles and soar to unimaginable heights. Will you draw near today saints?

6 Responses to “Faith delivers what Grace provides”

  1. Kathleen said

    Dear Brother, this is exactly what the Father is teaching me right now. To abide in the Beloved and His Grace. Not in feelings or experiences, but by faith. He will keep His Saints from falling away and lead them into all truth. There is so much deception, everywhere! So many false gospels….. false brethren…. But I see Jesus High and lifted up; My eye is stayed on Him alone.

  2. sharon said

    Excellent words of confirmation! Thank you for sharing with us.

  3. KMH said

    Awesome post Brother Frank! Hupostasis is the Greek word translated in most of our Bible’s as confidence, assurance, substance – but it was actually a legal word for title deed to land! You being in real estate and a good Berean can see how God has already taken the land for us (Jesus!) and now we have all legal rights to it!!! We just have to get the squatter enemy off!!! He has no legal rights unless we give it to him (unforgiveness, bitterness, etc.)

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