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When God is silent.

Posted by appolus on August 28, 2015

And the word of the Lord was rare in those days;there was no widespread revelation. (1 Sam 3:1)

In the days of Eli when the glory of God was in Shiloh the word of God was rare and indeed there was no widespread revelation throughout the land. A simple reading of the 1 Sam tells us that the priesthood was defiled and the overseer looked the other way. We see that the Israelites began to suffer defeats and finally in desperation they try and use the ark of the covenant like some kind of talisman. God will never allow Himself to be used. He did however allow the ark to be removed from Shiloh and fall into the hands of the Philistines. As this unfolded Israel was defeated, the priests, Eli’s wicked sons were killed and Eli himself fell over dead. Judgement had come to the house of the Lord and the glory of God had departed. Yet even in the midst of all of that God was already raising us Samuel.

Can I argue that the word of the Lord is rare in our days? Can I further argue that there is no widespread revelation today. The circumstances that we find ourselves in are similar to that of the days of Eli. The priesthood is in large part defiled and God has for the most part removed His glory from Christendom. Now what is ” the word of the Lord?” Is it merely the preaching of the Scriptures? If that were so, then the ” word of the Lord,” is not rare at all in America. What about ” revelation,” or as it says in another translation ” open vision.” Open vision would be something that would be heard in public, not secretly in the prayer closet or bedroom. The exhortation of the prophet whether to encourage or to rebuke, is a precious thing. Indeed the word ” rare,’ in the opening Scripture is also translated “precious.”

Go into almost any Church this coming Sunday morning and you will not hear an open vision, nor will you hear ” the word of the Lord,” in the context of 1 Sam. You will surely hear preaching and you will hear the Scriptures expounded but you are unlikely to hear a ” word of the Lord,” nor hear an exhortation, whether an encouragement or a rebuke. It is indeed rare today and for the same reasons as in the days of Samuel. Yet can I encourage you today brothers and sisters. Even in the midst of defilement and wickedness and silence from God, God was raising up Samuel. Now at the same time He was raising Samuel He was in the process of judging the Israelites. While the Ark was still in Shiloh, God was silent and in fact would soon remove the token of His presence altogether from that place.

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