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When God is silent.

Posted by appolus on August 28, 2015

And the word of the Lord was rare in those days;there was no widespread revelation. (1 Sam 3:1)

In the days of Eli when the glory of God was in Shiloh the word of God was rare and indeed there was no widespread revelation throughout the land. A simple reading of the 1 Sam tells us that the priesthood was defiled and the overseer looked the other way. We see that the Israelites began to suffer defeats and finally in desperation they try and use the ark of the covenant like some kind of talisman. God will never allow Himself to be used. He did however allow the ark to be removed from Shiloh and fall into the hands of the Philistines. As this unfolded Israel was defeated, the priests, Eli’s wicked sons were killed and Eli himself fell over dead. Judgement had come to the house of the Lord and the glory of God had departed. Yet even in the midst of all of that God was already raising us Samuel.

Can I argue that the word of the Lord is rare in our days? Can I further argue that there is no widespread revelation today. The circumstances that we find ourselves in are similar to that of the days of Eli. The priesthood is in large part defiled and God has for the most part removed His glory from Christendom. Now what is ” the word of the Lord?” Is it merely the preaching of the Scriptures? If that were so, then the ” word of the Lord,” is not rare at all in America. What about ” revelation,” or as it says in another translation ” open vision.” Open vision would be something that would be heard in public, not secretly in the prayer closet or bedroom. The exhortation of the prophet whether to encourage or to rebuke, is a precious thing. Indeed the word ” rare,’ in the opening Scripture is also translated “precious.”

Go into almost any Church this coming Sunday morning and you will not hear an open vision, nor will you hear ” the word of the Lord,” in the context of 1 Sam. You will surely hear preaching and you will hear the Scriptures expounded but you are unlikely to hear a ” word of the Lord,” nor hear an exhortation, whether an encouragement or a rebuke. It is indeed rare today and for the same reasons as in the days of Samuel. Yet can I encourage you today brothers and sisters. Even in the midst of defilement and wickedness and silence from God, God was raising up Samuel. Now at the same time He was raising Samuel He was in the process of judging the Israelites. While the Ark was still in Shiloh, God was silent and in fact would soon remove the token of His presence altogether from that place.

The same situation existed with Saul and David, the Pharisees and Jesus, religious men of the dark ages and the true saint and today God has His remnant. He is faithful and is never without a witness. And so it is today, God has His witnesses and He speaks to them. The word of the Lord is not rare to them. They hear God and they see the current state of the land and all that calls itself by the name of Jesus and they cry out in the wilderness. Tensions inevitably arise between the keepers of the status quo and the people that God is raising up. In fact as it plays out, it goes beyond tensions. We see this with Saul and David. We see this with the Pharisees and Jesus and His followers. We see this with those who aligned themselves with Rome and the pilgrim Church who did not. We see it today with those who are the guardians of established religion and God’s remnant flock who refused to be swept away with the world and all of its influences.

The word of God and the open vision and prophecies and words of knowledge and interpretations of tongues may be rare and may have been banished from almost every gathering or counterfeited by so much of the Charismatic world, but it still exists. God is still genuinely speaking to and through His people. Now, it may not be a popular word, especially when we consider that we are living in the days of the great falling away and apostasy, but oh how precious is the word of God to the saints. It is hated by the kingdom builders of the world but is sweetly embraced by those who dwell in a Kingdom not established by any man. God is raising up a witness in the world even in the midst of such great wickedness. They are fearless worshipers of God. They are lovers of the Truth. They are seekers of His Kingdom and His righteousness. And so it is to those folks I write these words. Be encouraged brothers and sisters. Stand fast for God is doing a work that be difficult to see right now, but He is doing it.

When all seems lost and we seemed to be surrounded by defeat, God is surely at work. The glory of Shiloh would not compare to the glory of God’s temple built by Solomon. The glory of Solomon’s temple did not compare to the glory revealed in Jesus. Jesus was God amongst us. Not in a tabernacle not in a holy room hidden behind a curtain, but in us and through us. This glory is the glory of God to the world. While the glory of God seemingly dwelt in a temple built by human hands, it was actually being crucified outside the walls by the keepers of the temple. There were a few dark days when it seemed that these forces had prevailed and there are dark days ahead for all those who stand outside of the establishments of religion. Yet, just when all seemed lost then up from the grace He arose with a might triumph oe’r His foes as the old hymn goes. We too, the saints of God will walk down that same dark and narrow path which seemingly leads to defeat, but God is raising up His glory in those who endure to the end and overcome. They will be a witness to the Kingdom power of God, their very lives will be a testimony and a witness against the darkness of all sin, and then our Lord shall come. Stand fast brothers and sisters and see with Spirit’s eye the open vision of the Lord and hear with Spirit’s ear the word of the Lord. It will lead you and guide you in these darkest days that are almost upon us, and then the Light shall come.

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  1. Can I get your thoughts on this:


    • appolus said

      Hi James, welcome. I read your piece and enjoyed it. I would agree with your assertion that intercessory prayer is more that just praying. It flows out of a lifestyle and intimacy with God. Yet, I once found myself at the opposite end of that point. I was visiting my home town of Greenock in Scotland. I have always had a heart for that town. I had went back there from the States for a year back in the 90s just a few short years after getting saved. Myself and a small group of saints prayed all over the town. Its sits on a fairly steep valley so we would go up to the higher places and pray that God would rend the heavens and come down. Now about ten years later I was back for a very difficult visit in the midst of winter. I was staying in a bed and breakfast in an attic room. Because of circumstances I desperately wanted to be away from this place. I thought to myself that I would never return. Every day of that trip it rained and stormed violently. Every night about midnight the Holy Spirit would come upon and I would get up out of the bed and peer out of the attic window and cry out to God for this whole area. Weeping and groaning and body actually wracked with sobs. My prayer was basically that God would rend the heavens and come down and fill up the valley with His presence. This would last for about two hours and I would fall into bed exhausted. And when I would awake I would have the same feelings of wanting to get out of that town and never come back. So in my flesh I had no desire at all, yet the Spirit of God was interceding through me. God was being faithful to the prayers of the saints from ten years ago even although I was not being faithful. Out of that trip I helped to organize a revival conference to come to Greenock the following November. 900 people came from over 20 countries. One of the speakers was Carter Conlon from Times Square Church. He returned the following year with 250 people from his church and they literally flooded the Clyde Valley with the presence of God and many people came to the Lord. All of this began with prayer and the prayer was initiated by the Spirit. I praise God for His faithfulness and His love which never grows old and never grows tired……………….bro Frank

  2. Barbara said

    The last time I heard “the word of the Lord” in a church service was about five years ago!

  3. Dick said

    Over the course of the past 12 years my journey has lead me to see the depth of my fallen nature, the growing depravity of a fallen world and unfortunately my contribution to that condition; and the toxic nature of man-made religious systems which predominate Christianity in America. I know the shattering death blow to these “Golden-calves” as they are real to my experience and necessary. The wilderness which you and so many others often speak to is also a very real experience to which I can testify but it just here that God’s silence becomes heavy. My wilderness journey is taking me on the “road to Emmaus” and sense I’m like them troubled, uneasy, an orphan, having to live on the testimonies of others who have had a first-hand encounter with the risen Lord. One cannot go very far living that way or they will just sit down on the side of the road. I have an empathy for them because they are hungry for Him but seem to be left out. I know about the silence, the hunger, and also the testimonies of those who have encountered the living God inside their hearts with joy unspeakable as many who visit your site attest. I was ready to sit down by the roadside about 6 months ago when I happened on to your site. A day when the enemy was gaining ground, convicting, condemning, pouncing and you offered hope. Thank you–I’m up seeking Him and await His showing me His hands and side and holding me in His arms. Walking toward Him. Blessings to you Frank—

    • appolus said

      Dear Dick, I was so blessed to hear that you happened upon this site when you were ready to sit down by the roadside. I have always had a deep desire for this site to minister to the pilgrims of the Lord. Often times our journeys take us through dark and lonely valleys and not just a for a day or a month sometimes years. The spiritual seasons can last so long some times. Long dark winters can sap the strength of the saints, yet God will not allow us to fall. The faith that we learn in these times and by faith I mean trust, trusting God when we cannot hear Him, trusting God when we cannot see His work, trusting God when all around us in crumbling and perhaps all have deserted us, this faith, I believe, is the faith that pleases God. To those who endure, to those who overcome, it is to those that all the promises belong whether these promises are realised in this world or the next. Keep seeking brother, keep waiting, stand fast for their is an evil day upon us and the enemy has come in like a flood all around the world. I love you brother and my prayers are with you, you are a mighty man of God and every other voice that says otherwise is a lying voice from the pits of hell………………..bro Frank

      • Dick said

        Again thanks so much for your encouragement. I am 71 and though I’m closer to the end than the beginning as far as my earthly journey is concerned I hope to meet Him in a way that glorifies Him with the years remaining. I guess Jacob waited awhile too. Peace friend

      • suez62 said

        Thank you for this article, and thanks to everyone for their words! The road is rough, and lonely. I too am experiencing a great time of silence, loneliness, and more attacks than I have had in a long time. It amazes me how the enemy is attacking on every point. People saying the King James also has been tainted, people saying the name of Jesus is not what we should call the son of God. I’m getting it from all places and every-time I turn around. Maybe the Catholics did taint the bible, I do I know, but it it is the only thing I have to hang on to, besides the Holy Spirit in me, which is sometimes on a vacation, I think,,.,very quiet sometimes. 😦 So, I wait, and try and keep the faith, trusting in the God that created the heavens, the earth, the sea, and all that is therein!!! What else would I hope in??? There is nothing else I want. Just him. I have no Church, I have no real Godly friends here in my town. I keep praying for him to lead me to a true church, even a home church, but nothing. I don’t think there are any true bible believing churches in my area anymore, at least none that really know the truth of things…sigh, may God raise up some men of God in the barren, dry places of this nation, which seem to be pretty much everywhere! Thank you Frank for your faithfulness! God is faithful, I know he will hear our cry’s and come help us soon!!!

        • appolus said

          This time and the time soon to come upon is will be one of the most difficult times the Body of Christ has ever faced. The Scriptures say to us ” When the foundations are destroyed what can the righteous do.” We are living in times of the great falling away and God is looking to His saints to stand. Stand upon Him. The world may being swept away and Christendom may being swept up in the world but His saints have been called to stand. If we never heard another word from God then still we would praise Him for He is worthy, amen. Job say even if He kills me yet will I trust in Him. The three Hebrew children said that even if God did not save them in the fire that they would never bow down to the gods of this world. This is the heartbeat of the saint, of the Holy Spirit within the saints. They will never bow down to the gods of this world and in this God is pleased to find faith on the earth. How much will He find when He comes? God knows, God knows. Let us encourage one another and let faith/trust reign in our mortal bodies. Be blessed saints…………….bro Frank

  4. Dear brother, I receive the word of the Lord in what you have written and I am a witness to His testimony. I wept as I received the encouragement of my Lord in this. Stand we will, by His grace the enables us.

  5. Hear Ye, Something New!
    By Robert Winkler Burke
    Book #6 of In That Day Teachings
    Copyright 11/14/09 http://www.inthatdayteachings.com

    Hear ye, hear ye, hear ye!
    What the herald has to say,
    The Day of the Lord is come,
    It’s called: In That Day.

    With God all things come in three,
    On this we are agreed,
    We have two testaments now,
    A third one is in need.

    What shall we call this testament,
    After Old and New?
    Get thyself imbued and call it,
    Testament You.

    First Testament of animal sacrifice,
    Second of Second Adam,
    Third Testament of your own sacrifice,
    Spirit blood born again.

    What is this Testament You?
    Is it Isaiah’s new thing of God?
    It’s quick-come behold: Christ-in-you!
    In humility, never proud.

    I salute the God in you,
    The You Testament has us say,
    No more proud grandee funding,
    Shenanigan dark logic goes away.

    In God’s life, liberty and happiness,
    We see saints of the past,
    Pointing toward In That Day,
    God come full at last!

    Can we put a finger on it,
    And say, Lo here or there?
    No we can’t, we’re not in charge,
    Humble servants to God bear.

    What if the herald,
    Is a scallywag with no credentials?
    As heralds before,
    Old and New made You essentials.

    Good God! we can’t believe it,
    Something happening now!
    Saints have prayed two-thousand years,
    Don’t be surprised how.

    Don’t be surprised the thousand pieces,
    Of In That Day fit seamless,
    You are part of God’s grand design,
    Don’t dare believe God theme-less.

    Behold In That Day,
    A new thing indeed,
    Grandees won’t support,
    Non-support of greed.

    Behold a new You Testament,
    Like others: in page, poem and man,
    Behold the restoration of,
    All things, like when it all began.

    Here ye, hear ye, hear ye!
    Ignore this not,
    Don’t despise small beginnings,
    Or you will be forgot.

    Something new has happened,
    Now under the sun,
    Lose lies, gain truth, love God,
    Oh, indwelt one.

    Read the page, read the poem,
    Read your spirit clan,
    Salute the God in page, poem,
    And hardest of all: man!

    See with eyes to see,
    See as do the blessed pure in heart,
    God isn’t finished,
    No children, this is just the start!

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