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For Heaven’s Higher Ground

Posted by appolus on August 31, 2015

My dear sister passed away this weekend. She was just 52, a year and a half older than myself. I will miss her very much. I will be heading for Scotland tomorrow for the funeral and will be gone a couple of weeks so probably not much writing, but you never know. Please remember my family in your prayers. I wrote this poem below that day she died, it is entitled ” For Heaven’s higher ground.”……bro Frank

When my heart is overwhelmed
And grief comes flooding in
I lift my eyes to higher ground
Where there’s no pain or sin

Yet deep within my heart
Amidst the savage waves
There is a calm repose
That’s with me all my days

I lift my eyes amidst this storm
That’s raging all around
He lifts me up above the waves
To stand on higher ground

And in the light of glory
That pierces every night
I catch a glimpse of majesty
And what a glorious sight

I see my sister dancing there
Amidst the saintly throng
Hands raised in heavenly splendor
And singing a heavenly song

The night has passed, the dawn has broke
There’s no tears to be found
For those who’ve left this world behind
For heavens higher ground.

21 Responses to “For Heaven’s Higher Ground”

  1. Sebastian said

    May the Grace and Love of the Lord comfort and give you and your family peace.

  2. Viviana said

    “I see my sister dancing there” this must give you a lot of peace, knowing she is with our Lord.
    And he will give you his love and strength in this hard time, you are one of his loyal saints. Have a nice trip to Scotland.

    • appolus said

      Yes indeed Viviana. Thank you for your kind words. I pray that the Lord will use me in Scotland. There may be many more open doors because of my sisters passing……………………bro Frank

  3. Our Prayers are with you brother. Jesus is certainly our joy in all the darkness, what a wonderous victory is ours in Christ Jesus-victory over death – we, together with our dear sister, are in Him, The Resurrection and The Life.

    • appolus said

      Yes Donna, the resurrection and the life. This is exactly the Scripture that was on my mind. For such a long time my sister dwelt in the darkness, covered by sin and pain. Jesus came along and had the stone removed and called her to life and then began removing her death clothes. Now she will never die, she has that life and that more abundantly…………..bro Frank

  4. suez62 said

    So very sorry for your loss Frank. She was so young. How tragic. I’ll be lifting up you and your family at this sad time. May all find strength in the Lord and his Holy Spirit, our comforter.

  5. Deborah said

    May God richly comfort you in your loss.

  6. KMH said

    Will be praying for God to open doors to you to tell the good news as you are with your family for her funeral Brother Frank. God has blessed you with His Spirit to minister life at this time of grief. He is faithful to you whom He has called, to give you opportunities and the encouragement needed.

    • appolus said

      Thank you so much for your prayers KMH, I certainly felt the prayers of the saints in my time in Scotland. I had many opportunities to comfort and minister and also receive comfort and ministry from the Lord………………..bro Frank

  7. unicorncoat said

    I’m sorry for your loss and at the same time glad you’ll see her again someday. I will be praying for you and your family. Your poem was very beautiful too, a lot of your writings play the heart strings (in a good way) and I always enjoy them.

  8. I am so sorry to hear about your beloved sister’s death, Frank. 😦 May God comfort you and your whole family in Scotland too – very much!!!

    Your poem is so touching…

    Every blessing,
    Susanne ❤

  9. Barbara said

    I know what it means to lose a sibling. My prayers are with you and the rest of the family. I am certain it means everything to know that you can visualize her there in heaven, dancing before her Lord with her hands raised as she sings a heavenly song.

  10. Eliza said

    Praise God your sister was a believer and you have the sure hope she is with Jesus in heaven and you will be with Him one day too, with all of His beloved. Our God is so good to us to comfort us with the sure knowledge of salvation and certain hope of eternal life through faith in His Son. I just read about your sister’s home going. I hope your dear memories of her encourage your heart. You have shared lovely poems on her behalf. My prayers are with you and your family. The Lord comfort you.

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