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The deepest lessons and example of faith.

Posted by appolus on August 20, 2015

The deepest lessons on faithfulness come in the midst of the fires and the tribulations of life. The basic accusation of the enemy against God is ” they only love you and follow you for what they have been given or what they can get.” Therefore the greatest expressions of faith, trust in God, comes in the midst of endurance, a less than popular word. Yet think of Jesus, our highest example. From the glories of heaven where the host bow down and cry Holy, to the lowest depths of the earth where He stripped and hung naked on a cross and mocked and humiliated by mere mortals. He endures all of this and never denies His Father and stays right there on the cross because of His love and obedience. This is trust in God in action. The Word becomes flesh and light conquers darkness.

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