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I know about thy Grace

Posted by appolus on July 31, 2015

GodI know about thy grace
I simply look into the mirror
And gaze upon my face

I see no reason for His mercy
nor love He has for me
I see a man who was a prisoner
longing to be free

I see a man who long ago
found life though he were dead
A man who had been starving
and God gave him some bread

I see a man who walked in darkness
in whom there was no light
I see a man who was delivered
who was blind but given sight

I look away now from the mirror
and lift my eyes to glories throne
I see that I who once was lonely
shall never be alone

I see my risen savior
and He is high and lifted up
I stand there in His presence
for He has filled my cup

It’s filled with living water
my sin there is no trace
There’s only Gods own glory
and His unending Grace.

5 Responses to “I know about thy Grace”

  1. Viviana said

    Thank you, this is beautiful brother. I can change to apply to myself only one word and that is man, I put woman and I have all the same to say to my Lord Jesus, my Savior.

  2. sister Pam said

    So true brother!The Holy Spirit is working!What a mighty God we serve!Thank you!

  3. unicorncoat said

    Reblogged this on unicorncoat.

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