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Lost and Forsaken

Posted by appolus on July 18, 2015

heavenLost and forsaken, wretched and blind
Then my Christ He came to stay
And from that day forward, I was never alone
He was always with me before His throne.

Through the night, through the day
And in every way, He is always by my side
The Groom and the bride, standing as one
Marching to victory for the battle is won

The path grows narrow the darkness falls
The Master call us to stand and see
The glory of His coming, an end to the ages
Time simply closes histories pages

Men sense in their spirits the end is near
Yet they do not fear, they drink and are merry
For tomorrow they die, they neither seek nor find
They stumble along for they are spiritually blind

Dwelling in ditches and ivory castles
Deeper in sin as the time draws near
Though judgement rains down and eyes are wide open
They are blind and wretched and thoroughly broken

As the enemy comes in, rising like a flood
Then God shall raise His own standard
He shall pour out His Spirit and baptize with fire
The saints are refined and are lifted higher

Then His glory shall cover all of the earth
As the waters cover the sea
Every knee shall bow and tongue confess
As the saints take up their final address

A place where His glory outshines the sun
Where every tear is wiped away
And the saints are refreshed by the waters of life
And they live forever, the Groom and His bride.

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