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When my spirit is overwhelmed

Posted by appolus on July 23, 2015

Psa 142:3 When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, then thou knewest my path.

There is a certain kind of comfort to be had when we realize that even giants of the Bible, men like David, men after Gods own heart experienced being overwhelmed. Psalm 142 was one of two Psalms written from a cave the other being Psalm 57. Perhaps you are feeling overwhelmed today? Maybe your situation is so dark that it is hard for you to see anything at all never mind anything good? Yet, God knows your path. He knows the road you have walked on. He knows how you ended up where you are. In Psalm 57 David starts out by saying that his soul trusts in God. He says he will find refuge in God, under the shadows of His wings until his calamities pass.

And therin lies the key to David overcoming. Even although he is desperate and his situation is desperate, he is not giving up on God. He says he trust in Him and will hide in Him until all his troubles pass. You see, something in David knew that his calamities would pass. The man or woman who has been on the road a long time knows that despite the fact that they have faced many difficulties and troubles, perhaps too many to mention, God has kept them. David also says ” I will cry unto God.” In our self-made world where we celebrate independence, it takes much humility to cry out to God, yet God hears the humble desperate cries of His children. Perhaps you need to cry out to God today?

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