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Seeing God as opposed to hearing about God

Posted by appolus on May 16, 2015

GodI have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee. Wherefore I abhor myself, and repent in dust and ashes. (Job 42:5-6)

You know, there is a gulf as wide as the stars in the heaven between those who have heard about God and those whose spiritual eyes have seen Jesus. At the same time, the gulf is no wider than the distance between our heads and our hearts. One ultimately leads to life, the other leads to death. Have you encountered God in a supernatural fashion or is Christianity merely a philosophy to you? Many men in this world are sold out to religion or philosophy and even have a zealousness in their pursuit of it. Paul says in Romans 10:2 that I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge. They did not know God, they had only heard about Him from others or through learning. They had second-hand information, they were not eye-witnesses of His glory. Jesus came to share His glory with us that He had been given by the Father. The children of God are touched by the glory of God.

When we truly stand in the light of Christ’s glory, when our eyes behold His glory then we surely know who He is and who we are in comparison. It leads to life because at the same time the glory of God is the grace of God. Therefore to encounter God is to be transparent and fully understand our state. Yet in that moment, at the apex of understanding that we deserve no mercy, we find mercy by encountering Gods grace which eclipses our view of ourselves and fixes our eyes upon Jesus. Out from that encounter flows the greatest of joy because we have just been touched by unconditional love and it burns into every part of who we are. Our love for Jesus is taken from beyond the realms of the head and explodes in the heart, changing everything. Everything changes. To know Jesus, to see Jesus high and lifted up, to experience His love and His mercy and His grace is the cauldron of creation. It is in this knowing that sanctification takes place. Self effort is the road of the religionists. Yielding is the road of the saint.

Now Job had to learn that. This is the first book of the Bible ever written. God was explaining to us right up front that we have an enemy and he is an accuser. We see it first in Satan and then Satan uses Job’s friends to reinforce the false notion that by our performances we make ourselves acceptable to God. And when we are acceptable then He blesses us. And so therefore if bad things happen to us then we must have sinned and fallen foul of God. This is a lie and its the old ancient lie that is the center of every religion and every religious man. Jesus Himself is a living testimony of the truth because He is the Truth. As far as the world could see, He was abandoned and forsaken and cursed because He hung on a tree. Perhaps you yourself have been tormented by religious men, so-called friends who have no actual “knowledge” of God? You are judged because on the outside you do not measure up to the standards set by men who have form and function but have no ” knowledge of God.” This has been the way of our brothers and sisters down through the centuries. The Catholic Church for over a thousand years hunted down and killed those who did not conform or, and this is the worse crime to the religionists, they would not bow to the authority of men who had no actual knowledge of God.

Religious men must have the preeminence, they must have authority over other men. Everything that they have is bound up in the image they have of themselves yet we have already seen that a true encounter with Jesus changes everything and releases men from the bondage of other men. God creates servants with servant hearts who only ever do anything in order to serve God and serve others. They require no titles and need no homage from men, for remember they have seen themselves in the light of Christ and know that they stand because He stands. They stand by grace, a grace actuated by encounter. It is not good enough to know what grace is and be able to define it, you must have actually experienced it. And so, out of that encounter will flow love and joy and peace and you will have been created to yield. We are now changed from glory to glory in the yielding of our flesh to His Spirit. It is by the Spirit’s leading and conviction that we are changed into His image.

As for the religious men who are so used of Satan, we see in Job what God says to them “My wrath is kindled against thee, and against thy two friends: for ye have not spoken of me the thing that is right, as my servant Job hath.” They had spoken, in the name of God and without actual knowledge, things that were not right. Yet, our ever merciful God gives them opportunity to repent and encounter God’s grace and in part Job’s own prayers help them to find redemption. God’s Truth and grace shuts the mouth of the accuser of the brethren, praise Him.

One Response to “Seeing God as opposed to hearing about God”

  1. Amen and Amen. Thank you brother. Yes, Jesus changes everything.

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