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Working out your salvation

Posted by appolus on May 28, 2015

Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. (Php 2:12b)

“Working out,” our salvation, for many is a paradox because of the word “work.” It implies that we have our part to play and of course we do, we must respond to a loving hand that is reaching out to us. The very wellspring of everything that we do flows from our relationship with Jesus. It starts there and it ends there. Everything else is a by-product of that relationship. Make anything else the primary object and we inevitably begin to drift away and become less and less effective for Him until there is only works left which are not infused with life. God created man, but He had to breathe into Him to bring about life. Let everything we do and say be God breathed.

What is for sure is that what is going on internally will eventually manifest itself externally. I say eventually because it is often not readily apparent to others what is going on inside of us. The actor can so often give the impression of life but life is a force and it gives life, it begets life so to speak. The pharisee judges the hearts of men by what he perceives externally, it is not so with the Lord. In the parable of the obedient son in Matt 21 Jesus speaks of two sons, one apparently obedient and the other rebellious. Yet as it plays out we see that the apparently obedient son did not have the heart to do the will of the Father. The disobedient son repents of his disobedience with a contrite heart and does the will of his father. Jesus then tells the pharisees that whores will enter heaven before they ever will. Quite shocking isn’t it?

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