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My heart is stilled.

Posted by appolus on May 6, 2015

still waters

Though the waters roar and are troubled
And the mountains fall to the sea
And the earth cries out for it’s filled with pains
My heart is stilled for my God reigns

Though the night has come with its darkness
And the world is ablaze with its sin
The waters rise and come in like a flood
My heart is stilled for I’m covered by His Blood

Though the whole world falls still I’ll follow
I will follow to the ends of the earth
Though fires burn and the skies fall down
My heart is stilled for He’s all around

So let not your hearts be troubled
Nor be moved when the mountains crumble
Let the skies fall down let the fires burn
For we know our Redeemer shall soon return

My heart is stilled in the palm of His hand
It is quiet in the depths of His love
It rests beneath the shadow of His wing
In the depths of the dungeon you will still here me sing

Glory and majesty praise to our God
He is worthy of all praise and all honor
Let us stand for His glory and let us be filled
For He is my refuge and my heart it is stilled

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