A Call To The Remnant

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God helps prodigal parents

Posted by appolus on August 8, 2014

You cover my head in the rain
And in the heat you are my shadow
You are able to bear all my pain
And sustain me wherever I go

You’re my anchor in the height of the storm
You’re my eyes when I cannot see
In the depths of the winter you keep me warm
When I am bound you set me free

When the enemy is all around
And I am beaten and tattered and torn
In your arms I will surely be found
Tis your promise, tis what you have sworn

When I cannot see a way ahead
And I am surrounded by many fears
In the silence of the night upon my bed
You come and wipe away all my tears

You’re my hope in the dark of the night
You’re my peace in the midst of the madness
You will help me to stand up and fight
As you chase away all the sadness

Heaviness shall give way to praise
And joy shall come in the morning
I will worship you all of my days
My heart shall no longer be mourning

I see my son and he is coming
He was banished to a far away land
And to him I will surely come running
Then we shall walk home hand in hand.

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