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The generation of the damned!

Posted by appolus on August 9, 2014

As I watched an Iraqi Christian man on CNN plead to be allowed to come to the USA, it moved me deeply. These people, surrounded on every side by murderous thugs, have little to no future in Iraq. The man and perhaps 50-100,000 people need sanctuary, but it is for sure no ” Christian” country will take them. God have mercy on us who claim to be Christian and be Christian nations. In 1939 the MS St Louis , a German ship, sailed from Hamburg with 937 Jewish people on board. They were fleeing the horrors of the hellish Nazis. They arrived at Cuba and were refused entry. They moved on to Florida where again they were refused entry. The German captain, a non-Jewish German who was later named by Israel as a righteous gentile, even attempted to ground the ship of the coast of Florida so that the Jewish people could escape. He was prevented by doing so by two American Coast Guard vessels and a warning shot was fired across her bow. Canada was the next to reject this ” Voyage of the Damned.” ( the name of a movie later made about this sorry episode) Finally the ship was forced to return to Europe, where Britain took 288 and the rest were taken by Belgium , Holland and France. It was later estimated that somewhere around 50% of these poor souls ended up being killed in Concentration camps after Germany invaded most of Europe. When poor souls seek refuge from tyranny and violence, whether it be poor South American kids or Iraqi Christians, we ” Christian,’ nations should seriously consider what God would have us do. Perhaps we Christians in the West will one day need sanctuary? God forbid that our own children faced death and starvation and no one wanted to take us in.

15 Responses to “The generation of the damned!”

  1. Amen. Our invasion opened Pandor’s box and now do little to help with the damage. http://spurgeonwarquotes.wordpress.com/

  2. abkeyte said

    Amen! It fills me with shame when I see Christian people and nations turn away those in harms way. Especially, my own beloved country… How can we do that knowing the persecution these dear saints have endured and what they will certainly face now. Please forgive us Father! Give us courage to do the right thing.

  3. Robert Taylor said

    Very well said brother Frank. My wife and I have been ministering to families coming up the railroad tracks from all points south for years. We have seen women with small children walking up the railroad track headed for the American frontier. We would feed them a meal, give them water, and advise them strongly of the dangers that was involved in trying to cross that Yuma desert into America. They would always say, “whatever is in front of us is much better than what is behind us”. You are right brother Frank. The American “Christian” church has dropped the ball on this present “Crisis” as they have dubbed it. It is not a crisis, it is one of the greatest opportunities that God has ever offered the American church to evangelize a down trodden people, and the church don’t have the spiritual eyes to see what is happening. It is a “crisis” to them because it is posing a risk to their pocket books, and their affluent life style. Brother Frank, all that I crave in this old world is to some day hear my Lord say, “well done thou good and faithful servant”. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus. Blessings from Mexico my brother…..Robert

    • appolus said

      Oh yes indeed brother Robert, your is the heart of the Lord for the widow and the orphan and all those who are oppressed in this world. I have no doubt in my heart that you will indeed hear those words ” well done good and faithful servant,” for you love what He loves. And in our times when even France is opening their doors to the Iraqi Christians seeking refuge and asylum, we here in the States have people ( almost all of them mind you claiming to be Christians) with their placards screaming at bus loads of poor wretched children to go back to where they cam from, the hatred and hypocrisy is almost too much to bear. Can anything save us from judgement here in this land of plenty?……………………bro Frank

  4. lynn said

    VISION OF THE LORD – August 9, 2014
    While I was reading in Gods word for a short time about the suffering of his saints, I began to cry and pray as I have been very troubled in my spirit, as I began talking to my Lord and then I immediately began to be led of the Holy Spirit to begin to pray for our brothers and sisters in Christ in Iraq in harms way. Still trying to wrap this around my mind, wives raped fathers hung and children beheaded in their midst and I began to feel the agony of it all and just how devastating it all must be for these loved of the Lord.

    I then began to have a vision of the Lord.

    I began to see I was on a plane that was flying over this mountain these saints have taken refuse in, surrounded by their enemies, and then I saw military soldiers in the plane and one with a parachute and he began to strap me up with himself and said get ready to jump for you have been called to do so. We together were going to parachute to this mountain below. End of vision.

    I sat there for a minute thinking of what I had just seen and I began to envision ministering to these saints telling them the Lord sent me too them to tell them to hold on to Jesus he will get them through no matter what the situation he has not left them nor will he ever leave nor forsake them. and their young children were safe.

    I then began to talk to the Lord saying Lord unless you yourself create such as this I am unable to go there, it seems impossible, only by divine appointment.

    Here is what the Lord said to me:

    Lynn you are already there, I said but Lord? no he said, you are already there in Spirit, There is one body and one Spirit, just as also you were called in one hope of your calling.

    Wow I began to understand, it is the gift of intercession with weeping and prayer we his remnant are called too, in a spirit of faith one in spirit, in one accord and without ceasing.

    These scriptures has this to say which I was given during this time of seeking the Lord.

    Ephesians 4 1-6

    Therefore I, a prisoner for serving the Lord, beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God…….2 Always be humble and gentle. Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love……. 3 Make every effort to keep yourselves united in the Spirit, binding yourselves together with peace. 4 For there is one body and one Spirit, just as you have been called to one glorious hope for the future…….
    5 There is one Lord, one faith, one baptism,
    6 one God and Father of all,
    who is over all, in all, and living through all.

    I believe we the Remnant of Jesus Christ are being called to intercede for these precious brothers and sisters in harms way united in one Spirit as a body of believers our hearts broken for our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

    I can not even imagine what they are going through but I do know they need the grace and presence of God to stand strong to be unshakable in their faith as they are in the very face of death, their hearts broken trying too hold on they need the Lord prayers his tears and ours We need to be united together and with our Lord on behalf of these being persecuted and Martred for their stand and testimony of Jesus Christ.
    Can we let him work in and through us?

    I am posting this for this for reason alone.

    In his Love, standing in faith in the one whom has saved us, and for all his persecuted saints. lynn

  5. KMH said

    Wow Sister Lynn! I was meditating on Ephesians 4 and the Lord was speaking to me about how He has ” led captive captivity ” 4:8 when I opened Brother Frank’s blog.
    I do feel this is the end times and the Lord is soon to return to purify every system. The enemy has taken so many captive, including and especially in the church. How did Jesus triumph – He takes the whole system of captivity! Makes it a prisoner for His cause! The Father’s glory! His purpose in creating us will not be defeated by the enemy!
    Ephesians 2:10 for of Him we are workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to good works, which God did before prepare, that in them we may walk.

    I was born in the Middle East and I can tell you that to be born and labeled Christian does not mean born again. It is very cultural. May the Lord use this time of intense persecution to purify His people and give Him glory on earth as it is in heaven.
    In prayer with you Sister!

    • appolus said

      KMH writes “I was born in the Middle East and I can tell you that to be born and labeled Christian does not mean born again.” This I totally agree with. IN fact many civil wars between ” Christains,” and Moslems are merely religious wars. What I have to believe is that in Iraq there are genuine saints along with the religious and they face this threat. IN fact those poor people up on the mountain are some ancient minority sect. Yet again, at least part of the challenge to America is to protect people from forces they themselves unleashed. When tyrants are removed or die then often times complete chaos follows. Look what happened to ” Yugoslavia” after Tito died. Ancient warring factions began again to attack and kill each other and we saw ” ethnic cleansing.” Of course, ironically, that time it was Moslems being attacked by ” Christians,” which would be a good example of what bro KMH is stating. I have Ethiopian neighbors, they are part of the Ethiopian Orthadox church and most certainly not born again. The oldest brother got saved and was put out of the house. The younger brother got saved and no one from his family went to his Baptism, I was honored to go. I of course am a former Catholic and when Catholics were being killed in Northern Ireland by ” Protestants” it have nothing at all to do with Christianity. Let us pray for the Body of Christ wherever they may be, God knows. Perhaps religious people, faced with this horrific assault, will indeed turn to Jesus in genuine faith and regeneration. This is what I believe what will happen in the west. Those who claim to be of Jesus, and that of course is the majority, may actually come to Jesus under extreme persecution. Of course the truth will probably be that the religious will persecute the genuine saint, but we can still pray that ” those who will,’ can be saved for Christ is at the door……………………bro Frank

      • Lynn Clark said

        So this is just a war among Radical Muslems  and christians in name only? not real born again believers, ? yet are being martyred and made to leave their homes for not denying their faith? Holding on to a false faith while there children are being beheaded? Wow.

      • KMH said

        Thank you Brother Frank,
        We know the enemy is behind all these evil schemes. However, our great and mighty God cares and loves each man, woman and child whom He made. He is in charge and will not let anything touch these precious people that He will not use for His ultimate glory. I don’t believe He will waste anything. I even pray Jesus’ will for the ISIS soldiers. Many are just young boys and it breaks my heart to see them with machine guns. It really is captivity for all. Sorry to bring up another subject but my heart is aching for Missouri today. May we pray in unity and serve Jesus only – not the enemy. May our every thought be taken captive to serve Jesus!

  6. lynn said

    Brother KMH It is true not all who cry Lord, Lord, shall be saved many will be told I do not know you, by Jesus himself. There are many world wide claiming the name of Jesus whom worship a different Jesus than the Jesus of the Bible. Many whom were once enlighted are falling away into aposasty, today even as I type.

    These saints spoken of here have been told to renounce their faith in Jesus and become a Muslem, to flee or die. These have refused to convert to the muslem faith ,and deny their faith in Jesus, and some women have been raped their husbands martyred and their small children beheaded. Jesus has told us many will be martyred for their faith/testimony of Jesus in the end of days in which I agree we are in the beginning of the very end of days.

    I thought tis was interesting. Blessings

  7. Christine said

    Brother Frank, I would like to ask if you have any letters talking about the church being a body of believers and not a building and organization. Someone I know is asking “should man tear down what God has built?” My belief is that “church” isn’t about just Sunday morning. Anyway I would appreciate your input.

    • appolus said

      Hi sister. It’s a little known fact that I have a search function on my site. If you look at the right hand side of the page and scroll down, you will see the search box. For example, you could put in ” The Body of Christ,” and multiple articles will come from this site which I have written on the subject. In that example, you will find ” The Constantine Contagion,” that speaks to what is the Body and what is built by man. You will also find many more. I have written over 600 articles on a great many Christian topics…………bro Frank

  8. lynn said

    Brother Apollus, after further searching, Open Doors, Voice of the Martyrs, ect. seems their is a mixture of truly born again saints and those whom are not born again, that are suffering and fleeing for their lives in Iraq from “Several areas of Iraq.” Many surrounded by their enemy whom wants to slaughter them. How very precious our Lord would gather these two persecuted groups together. My prayer focus is, prayer for a manifestation of the Holy Spirit and for the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ to go forth in Power and conviction, for the Lord to prepare the hearts , for many to become saved by the precious blood that our savior shed for these misguided souls in need of a savior. May the Holy Spirit bring comfort and strength to these beautiful saints of God, May the cross of Christ be preached, his kingdom, and our hope in him whom died for us that we might have eternal life.

  9. afchief said

    Are you advocating an open border? I can guarantee you it is just not mothers and children coming across our southern border. Either we are a nation of laws or we are not. And having laws from preventing anyone coming into our country does not violate scripture. Yes, as a Christian we are to love and minister to these people, but we most let them know, they must come here the legal and right way. As for the Christians in Iraq, we must get involved militarily with boots on the ground and stop ISIS from killing anymore innocent people. These terrorist will not stop in Iraq and Syria. Their goal is Israel and the US. Watch! Also, I have friends in Honduras and Costa Rica and have yet to see anyone dying for their faith like the Jews in Nazi Germany. That is why IMO we MUST have closed borders because it is just not women and children coming across, but also terrorists!

    • appolus said

      Hi afchief, to advocate for an open border or to not advocate for an open border is not the lot of a sojourner, for one who is merely passing through. We , genuine saints, are called as pilgrims in a foreign land and we should respect the laws of the land in which we live as long as they do not violate our concience or the word of God. Anything beyond that is to be emmeshed and embroiled in matters that have no eternal value. ………….bro Frank

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