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The generation of the damned!

Posted by appolus on August 9, 2014

As I watched an Iraqi Christian man on CNN plead to be allowed to come to the USA, it moved me deeply. These people, surrounded on every side by murderous thugs, have little to no future in Iraq. The man and perhaps 50-100,000 people need sanctuary, but it is for sure no ” Christian” country will take them. God have mercy on us who claim to be Christian and be Christian nations. In 1939 the MS St Louis , a German ship, sailed from Hamburg with 937 Jewish people on board. They were fleeing the horrors of the hellish Nazis. They arrived at Cuba and were refused entry. They moved on to Florida where again they were refused entry. The German captain, a non-Jewish German who was later named by Israel as a righteous gentile, even attempted to ground the ship of the coast of Florida so that the Jewish people could escape. He was prevented by doing so by two American Coast Guard vessels and a warning shot was fired across her bow. Canada was the next to reject this ” Voyage of the Damned.” ( the name of a movie later made about this sorry episode) Finally the ship was forced to return to Europe, where Britain took 288 and the rest were taken by Belgium , Holland and France. It was later estimated that somewhere around 50% of these poor souls ended up being killed in Concentration camps after Germany invaded most of Europe. When poor souls seek refuge from tyranny and violence, whether it be poor South American kids or Iraqi Christians, we ” Christian,’ nations should seriously consider what God would have us do. Perhaps we Christians in the West will one day need sanctuary? God forbid that our own children faced death and starvation and no one wanted to take us in.

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