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Here we stand still whole!

Posted by appolus on August 15, 2014

A particular trial ends for the McEleny family this morning. Not a small trial. The kind of trial that lasts for years. The kind of trial that reaches into your chest and threatens to rip your heart out. Yet here we stand, by the grace of God here we stand, whole. Older , wiser, a little greyer, but whole, kept in His hand. And so, in these wee hours of the morning as I cannot sleep, for joy awakes me, I think of all who are in the midst of trials, sore trials, trials that have lasted years yet still you stand by the grace of God and you understand that His grace and mercy is life itself. It is light when all around is darkness. It is hope when the world says there is no hope and oh how we cling to this. And so in this light I have just written the poem below. May it bless you. God has seen the afflictions of His people.

Let the presence of the Lord
Circulate through my heart
Let neither trial nor circumstance
Come and tear us apart

There is a roaring lion
That ever seeks to devour
Let us be ever vigilant
Every day and every hour

Stand fast ye Royal Soldiers
Ye soldiers of the cross
There’s one thing certain in this life
That you will suffer loss

Our Lord He understands these things
He sees our agonies and pain
And on the cross of Calvary
Our enemy there was slain

So in the moment of the trial
In the midst of the darkest night
Stand fast ye Royal priesthood
Stand up stand up and fight

There is no trial that is pleasant
No agony easily borne
Yet there is a God in heaven
And we live by promises sworn

For in the book it is written
It is written there by Blood
That He shall raise a standard
When the enemy comes in like a flood

Stand up ye Royal priesthood
There in the midst of the fire
Stand up my brothers and sisters
Come up a little higher

For He has seen your afflictions
And every tear that falls by night
And holds you in His very hand
He has called you to this fight

There will come a day so very soon
Where all your trials will have an end
And though for now you’re tempest-tossed
You shall not break but bend

So let His presence flow through you
For in these waters you must swim
Through fire and flood and fiercest storm
To be surely found in Him.

Hold fast hold fast hold fast my child
For joy comes in the morning
There is eternal peace ahead
For those who sound Gods warning.

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