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All the world is a stage.

Posted by appolus on August 19, 2014

There is a common saying that ” all the world is a stage.” Now, this does not mean that we are actors in the sense of the Greek word meaning hypocrites, but it does mean that we are aware that we always have an audience. Now this audience may simply be our husband or or wives or our children, it could be our extended family, our workplace or our neighbors. Yet this much is sure, we present an image to the ” world.” Now, what shapes your image? Is it your fears? Your insecurities? Your pretensions? Or, is it God that shapes you? When it is God that shapes us then fears and insecurities and pretensions cease to be. For some this happens overnight, for most it is a process. What does you audience think of you? What do they see when they see you? Perhaps you are an actor in the sense of the word hypocrite, meaning the image you put forward is not a true image of who you are? The mature saints have one thing in common in my estimation, they are transparent, what you see is what you get. Now this is rarely a way to make friends and influence people but it is the road to authenticity. A rare and beautiful thing, even if it is a diamond in the rough. Are you authentic? Are you transparent? You see, light can travel in and through the transparent ones, yet those who are shaped by fears and insecurities and pretensions create an inner landscape of darkness and shadows. The fear of man leads to spiritual death, the fear of God leads to life and that more abundantly.

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