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Light will shine out of darkness

Posted by appolus on October 4, 2015

If you talk a lot or write about things to come, especially about persecution for the Church, it tends to be a very unpopular word. After years of writing about such things, I know that many tend to shy away from it. First of all, it is not natural to expect that people would embrace such a message. It is often cast into the ” doom and gloom,” category or it is lumped in with the undoubtedly numerous quacks and fear mongers that are out there and have always been out there. I think this is inevitable and like a parable, then only those who truly have ears to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church will hear, and only those with spiritual eyes will see what is coming.

Let me tell you how I see this dark subject of persecution soon to come. I see it in glorious terms. God has commanded that light would shine forth out of darkness. The greater the darkness the greater the light.2Co 4:6 For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, hath shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. You see, God first illuminates the hearts of those who hear Him and then He commands that the illumination, the light, be shone forth into the darkness of this world.

Those who ” know,” God, who are intimate with God see Jesus. To know God is to know Jesus for we see the glory of God illuminated in the face of His Son and with this light we light up the world. No where is this better illustrated than in the persecuted saint. The persecuted saint, though surrounded by troubles on every side is not distressed and this not being distressed is supernatural light. The saint who suffers persecution is often struck down but is not destroyed, he seems to be forgotten but not forsaken in his loneliness. He has a treasure inside of him that illuminates all the brighter when he is hard pressed, that treasure is the glory of God that resides in him. Tear down his flesh and you merely reveal the glory within.

When we are torn down and ridiculed and persecuted for His sake then our flesh is stripped away in death and the life of Christ is revealed in us, it becomes a witness to the world. Many times the world can come up with excuses for the Christians joy, just like Satan’s accusation in the opening pages of Job. Yes of course they love Jesus, look what He has done for them, look how He has blessed them. All of these accusations are stripped away in the backdrop of persecution. For the saint who is fully given to God, his tears will give way to joy. His despair will give way to hope. His degradation will give way to humility in Christ. And of course persecution comes in many shapes and degrees. You may be suffering many of these things in your present situation. Perhaps at work or in your own home or by your spouse.

We know this, that all who live Godly in Christ Jesus can expect to suffer for His sake whether on a personal level or community level or national level. We also know that there is a tremendous blessing reserved for those who are accused and abused for His name sake. There is a spirit of glory that rests upon us when we suffer for His sake. If you are reviled for the name of Christ, you are blessed, because the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.(1 Pet 4:14) Now imagine this saints. If the Spirit of glory rests upon you as an individual when you are persecuted individually for His sake, can you imagine what the Spirit of glory will look like when every saint in the land is persecuted? Now imagine saints what that glory will look like when every saint in the world is persecuted for His sake. Indeed as the Scriptures tell us, the glory of God will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea. For the earth will be filled With the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, As the waters cover the sea  (Hab 2:14)

So, when you are tempted to be fearful about the future, remember that the glory of God is going to rest upon you as you have never experienced it before. Darkness will become light to you. Even if you are made to lie down in the valley of the shadow of death, Christ Himself will be your rod and your staff and you will fear no evil. In the midst of that dark valley of persecution He will lead you to pastures you have never experienced before. He will feed your soul in ways that you cannot even begin to imagine. While others will experience stormy and turbulent seas as circumstances grow darker by the day, you will experience still waters. A peace that surpasses all understanding will take possession of you as perfect love casts out all fear. You will stand on the unshakable ground of Christ. Do not let others speak to you of doom and gloom, for it shall only be doom and gloom to those who are perishing, but for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear then it shall be the ultimate glory, the ultimate witness for Christ just prior to Him coming, and then He comes. Stand fast saints. Days are coming upon us such as we have never seen before. Yes, tremendous darkness. Yet the greater is the light that is within us than the darkness that is in the world.

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Christians in the cross-hairs

Posted by appolus on October 2, 2015

Yesterday we witnessed yet another massacre by a lone gunman. It seems that we here in the States have become desensitized to these kind of stories. It is strange that the most disturbing part of this story is being under-reported. Christians were identified yesterday and then got a bullet in their head. Can you imagine the outrage or the furor if gay people had been identified and shot in the head? Undoubtedly homophobia would be to blame and there would be calls to shut down all avenues of homophobia. What if Muslims had been singled out and shot in the head? A huge cry would have went up about Islamaphobia and there would have demands to shut down any voices that spoke against Islam. If black people had been identified and shot, the cry would have been, and rightly so, racism was at fault and it would have been decried from the highest offices in the land.

Yet what happens when Christians are identified and shot? The silence is deafening. This should be disturbing to you. Every day we are constantly bombarded with stories about how Christians are haters and bigots because of their Biblical views. They are decried as narrow minded idiots who belong in the uneducated past. When they are killed here or elsewhere in the world it largely goes uncritisised. I read yesterday of an Islamic convert to ISIS, a white woman from Britain, a former member of a punk rock band. She stated that every Christian should have their heads cut of slowly with a blunt knife.

In the world of the secret service, they have a saying called ” chatter.” It is information that they hear from various sources around the world. And from all these different sources of information often times a story begins to emerge. So, if there is a rise in chatter they know that very possibly an attack is coming. Can I suggest to you that Christians are being targeted all around the world. To me, this is chatter. A story is emerging. This is information on a spiritual level of something much bigger to come.

The sea level of spiritual activity against Christians is on the rise. And up with this tide first comes the crazies. In the early 30s in Germany there were isolated incidents against Jewish people. As the Nazis came into power and began to pass sweeping laws against Jews, then the general public began to be swept up with this. First it became impossible for Jewish people to hold jobs with any kind of authority. Jewish teachers were targeted in schools and Universities and police forces. They were ousted from their positions. Then Jewish doctors and small business owners were targeted. There was a slowly rising crecendo of hatred and discrimination until a catalyst moment, the burning of the Reichstag, when the flood gates were opened and open hostility towards the Jewish people was legitimized.

I would like to suggest to you that in the very near future, if you hold to traditional Biblical views, you will be routed out of the education system. It will no longer be acceptable for Christians who hold certain views to be allowed to teach our children. Positions of authority of any kind, sanctioned by local or national government, will no longer be open to Christians who hold to Biblical authority. Small business people and larger corporations will be targeted if they hold to certain views which are deemed to be unacceptable. This is our brave new world. A sociopathic world where the tolerant are accused of the crime of intolerance by the intolerant.


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You’re not forgotten

Posted by appolus on September 29, 2015

A friend asked me to write a poem for the persecuted Christian.

Can you see these chains, they are my call
Yet in Christ alone I stand or fall
Though forces dark oppress my soul
To serve my King, my only goal

No matter what He puts me through
Here I’ll stand forever true
I’ve often saw no way ahead
It seems that I am surely dead

Yet in the darkness of my cell
You come to me and I am well
My bondage is a part of me
Though I am bound I’m surely free

No chains of darkness hold me down
Nor keep me from the joy I’ve found
You are my Christ my all in all
You hold me close when I would fall

To every saint whose far and wide
Beneath His wings you’ll surely hide
You’re not forgotten, you’re not forsaken
For through your trials my saints awaken

They see my glory rest on you
And they now pray to see you through
And fire falls and lights the night
And from your knees you stand and fight

Stand in darkness stand in light
Stand in Christ and stand and fight
In Christ alone the battles won
And you will stand till the day is done

Remember this dear saints in chains
Your not alone in trials and pains
For Christ on high He covers you
The Body of Christ is with you too

We clamor for no earthly aid
On Calvary the price was paid
To you alone we bring our plea
For you alone can set us free

So whether Lord, we stand or fall
Our ears have heard that heavenly call
No earthly chains no hand of man
Can alter your eternal plan

To you alone we bring our pleas
With hands outstretched and on our knees
We dare not stand on any ground
Before thy throne we shall be found

It’s not by might these chains erase
It’s not by power but by thy grace
Thy Spirit shall loose and break asunder
Every fetter shall fall and that by thunder

I listen for thy voice on high
And lightening fractures the very sky
I see thy glory move in power
The earthquakes shake this very hour

When every martyred saint reviled
Shall be with Him and reconciled
To walk the earth no more abused
Nor suffer greatly and accused

But know this saint behind those walls
The Master comes for those He calls
And every pilgrim refugee
Shall lift their eyes and be set free

He’s coming with the morning dew
He’s coming now for me and you
To elevate the captive soul
To take you home and make you whole

Rise in Spirit my captive brother
Rise with Christ and one another
For by your chains you testify
To Him alone you live or die

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Not a single Holy Spirit filled man left In Evangelicalism?

Posted by appolus on September 24, 2015

Let me go out on a limb a little bit and prophesy. I see the time coming when all the holy men whose eyes have been opened by the Holy Spirit will desert worldly evangelicalism, one by one. The house will be left desolate and there will not be a man of God, a man in whom the Holy Spirit dwells, left among them ( A.W.Tozer, The Dangers of a Shallow Faith, pg 14)

I believe with all of my heart that Tozer was indeed prophesying as he claimed. One by one men are leaving the Evangelical world behind. The world has invaded the modern church and men whose eyes have been opened by the Holy Spirit simply cannot stay. Now if you count yourself in that number, be prepared. You will be torn to shreds. You will be accused of division. You will be accused of pride and arrogance. You will be accused of being about the enemies work. Yet can I tell you, that men and women whose eyes have been opened by the Holy Spirit can only see what He has shown them.

Yes it will be lonely and yes you will question yourself and yes you will try everything that you do and every thought that you have by Scripture and by the Spirit of God in you. The accusations of men will ultimately fail because they cannot say anything to you that you have not said to yourself. You have tried your conscience in the fires of affliction. You have suffered loss and found yourself to still be standing. Standing on something, something immovable in an ever-changing world. The Solid Rock of Christ underneath your feet allows you to stand even as everything around you is shaking. Stand fast brothers and sisters, we are living in strange times. We have not seen these times before. This is not the cyclical times of revival and lukewarmness. This is the days of His coming. This is the days of a darkness the like of which we have not seen before.

Men will lecture you from history, men whose eyes have not been opened by the Holy Spirit. While we can learn many things from the past and from the great men of God who have went before us, only God can speak to us of the times in which we live and the times which are shortly to come to pass. This is the work of the Holy Spirit, He speaks to His people in the here and the now. He leads them and He guides them and He prepares them. Only He can do that. So, it is vital that our eyes are opened to the world in which we find ourselves. This opened eyed revelation from the Spirit will cause conflict among men, has it ever not been so? So my brothers and sisters, stay the course and stand upon the ground delivered unto you. When men accuse you of things then you are blessed in heaven above and these blessings from heaven will sustain you. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.

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I cannot see the wind.

Posted by appolus on September 24, 2015

I cannot see the wind
Yet I see it bend the trees
I cannot see my God above
Yet I fall down on my knees

I cannot see the wind
Yet I see the ocean waves
I cannot see true love
Yet I see whom He has saved

I cannot see the wind
Yet the wheat fields move as one
I cannot see the heat
That flows from the eternal Sun

Yet it warms me to my core
And it sets my heart on fire
It elevates my soul
And fills me with desire

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There is a song

Posted by appolus on September 23, 2015

As I walked with the Spirit yesterday he gave me two poems, here is one of them.

There is a song within my heart
Which has no words at all
It fills the deepest part of me
And floods me when I call

My heartbeat is its melody
It dwells within my soul
It reaches every part of me
And this has made me whole

You can hear it in my laughter
You can sense it in my smile
You can see it in my tear drops
If only for a while

This is my song the song of Love
That flows from rivers from above
From God on high and Christ alone
It soothes me with its heavn’ly tone

Wont you listen to my song of Love?
Can you hear it in the breeze?
The crashing waves the thunders roar
You can hear it on your knees

Song of the Spirit breathe on me
Sing till the day is done
Fill me and fill me with your heavenly notes
Until this race is run.

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Life from death!

Posted by appolus on September 22, 2015

I have thought a lot about death in the last few weeks with the passing of my sister. I have contemplated the promises we as Christians stand upon, the truths that light our way through the often treacherous waters of this life. Life itself with all its many joys and laughter and also with its many heavy burdens is an exceedingly rich complicated tapestry. It is tightly spun on the looms of the ages. Certainly we are here today and we are gone tomorrow. The Scriptures tell us that our life, in the span of time and space, is like a vapor.

This world is definitely for the living and once someone passes they move on into a different realm in our minds. I wrote a poem about memories one time. I was not to kind to them, for they are at best, a second best ethereal realm. The period of mourning seems to be the transition from something that the soul can touch and see and hear to something that is all at once gone and the senses realize it can never interact with again.

And so its a relegation. Relegated into a wispy ever decreasing world. I think this is where my faith in a very real after world brings me great hope. It transforms what I just spoke about into something much more glorious than a slowly dying memory. The notion that she is more truly alive now than she ever was, is for me, truly astounding and she dwells in a place where there are no more tears and pain. And so that begins to work on my sadness and rather than something that is slowly dying in the recesses of my mind, something is born. This place is the wellspring of hope that does not slowly fade but becomes stronger the more we ourselves approach our own deaths.

What would we do without Jesus? He never leaves us and surrounds us with comfort and love and kindness. Out of death comes life and that life is the breath of the Spirit. I am more convinced than ever, with the passing of my sister, the shortness of this life and the importance of loving God and loving others and being unashamed of the One who is our very life even in the midst of death.

Jesus asks Martha pointedly in John 11 ” Do you believe this?.” Believe what? “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall never die. Do you believe this?” It is a question that strikes at the heart of mankind. Jesus then says to Martha’s sister Mary “”Did I not say to you that if you would believe you would see the glory of God?”

In the midst of my sister’s death I have seen something of the glory of God and in the seeing of it, it has raised me up in Spirit and newness of life. It makes me desire all the more to reach out my hand and take a hold of His glory and His glory is Jesus. And in the glory of God there beats the heart and wellspring of all life and it restores me and strengthens me. It sustains me in the deepest parts of who I am and it gives me the hope to know that one day I will reach out my hand as I pass from this world to the next. I will reach out and take a hold of glory and that glory will fully grasp me and take me to its realm. And there my eyes will see and know as I am known and I will rest in the glory of God.

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Leaving her behind

Posted by appolus on September 10, 2015

I’m leaving her behind
But her soul has arisen
she’s been finally released
From her earthly prison

To fly with the eagles
To soar in the heavens
Onwards and upwards
Eternity beckons

No more troubles
No more heartaches
No more tears and no more sorrows
No more yesterday, todays and no more tomorrow’s

Only forever and a day
And endless blue skies
And in unbroken sunshine
With the angels she flies

Yes I will miss you
And shed unseen tears
For we journeyed together
For so many years

But I am happy to release you
Unto our glorious King
Where you will bask in His glory
And eternally sing

Rest now my sister
Your troubles are no more
We will meet again some day
On eternities shore.

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For Heaven’s Higher Ground

Posted by appolus on August 31, 2015

My dear sister passed away this weekend. She was just 52, a year and a half older than myself. I will miss her very much. I will be heading for Scotland tomorrow for the funeral and will be gone a couple of weeks so probably not much writing, but you never know. Please remember my family in your prayers. I wrote this poem below that day she died, it is entitled ” For Heaven’s higher ground.”……bro Frank

When my heart is overwhelmed
And grief comes flooding in
I lift my eyes to higher ground
Where there’s no pain or sin

Yet deep within my heart
Amidst the savage waves
There is a calm repose
That’s with me all my days

I lift my eyes amidst this storm
That’s raging all around
He lifts me up above the waves
To stand on higher ground

And in the light of glory
That pierces every night
I catch a glimpse of majesty
And what a glorious sight

I see my sister dancing there
Amidst the saintly throng
Hands raised in heavenly splendor
And singing a heavenly song

The night has passed, the dawn has broke
There’s no tears to be found
For those who’ve left this world behind
For heavens higher ground.

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When God is silent.

Posted by appolus on August 28, 2015

And the word of the Lord was rare in those days;there was no widespread revelation. (1 Sam 3:1)

In the days of Eli when the glory of God was in Shiloh the word of God was rare and indeed there was no widespread revelation throughout the land. A simple reading of the 1 Sam tells us that the priesthood was defiled and the overseer looked the other way. We see that the Israelites began to suffer defeats and finally in desperation they try and use the ark of the covenant like some kind of talisman. God will never allow Himself to be used. He did however allow the ark to be removed from Shiloh and fall into the hands of the Philistines. As this unfolded Israel was defeated, the priests, Eli’s wicked sons were killed and Eli himself fell over dead. Judgement had come to the house of the Lord and the glory of God had departed. Yet even in the midst of all of that God was already raising us Samuel.

Can I argue that the word of the Lord is rare in our days? Can I further argue that there is no widespread revelation today. The circumstances that we find ourselves in are similar to that of the days of Eli. The priesthood is in large part defiled and God has for the most part removed His glory from Christendom. Now what is ” the word of the Lord?” Is it merely the preaching of the Scriptures? If that were so, then the ” word of the Lord,” is not rare at all in America. What about ” revelation,” or as it says in another translation ” open vision.” Open vision would be something that would be heard in public, not secretly in the prayer closet or bedroom. The exhortation of the prophet whether to encourage or to rebuke, is a precious thing. Indeed the word ” rare,’ in the opening Scripture is also translated “precious.”

Go into almost any Church this coming Sunday morning and you will not hear an open vision, nor will you hear ” the word of the Lord,” in the context of 1 Sam. You will surely hear preaching and you will hear the Scriptures expounded but you are unlikely to hear a ” word of the Lord,” nor hear an exhortation, whether an encouragement or a rebuke. It is indeed rare today and for the same reasons as in the days of Samuel. Yet can I encourage you today brothers and sisters. Even in the midst of defilement and wickedness and silence from God, God was raising up Samuel. Now at the same time He was raising Samuel He was in the process of judging the Israelites. While the Ark was still in Shiloh, God was silent and in fact would soon remove the token of His presence altogether from that place.

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Repentance that leads to life.

Posted by appolus on August 25, 2015

And David said unto Nathan, I have sinned against the LORD. And Nathan said unto David, The LORD also hath put away thy sin; thou shalt not die. (2Sa 12:13)

This is a quote from a well know passage of Scripture. Prior to this confrontation with David and Nathan, David had slept with another man’s wife gotten her pregnant and killed her husband. It is reckoned that the whole sordid episode took place over a period of about a year. When David was confronted with his sin by the prophet of God he repents. Now we know that David was a man after God’s own heart. He is perhaps, outside of Jesus Himself, one of the most notable and heroic people in the Bible. So we can learn a lot from how God deals with David.

We can see clearly that the Lord has put away his sin because of his confession and in that we should draw much comfort. In 1 John 1:9 we see that “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” Praise God, this is His promise to the saints. Yet what of the consequences in the natural? And as we consider this I believe it brings to bear the motivations of the heart. For there will still remain the natural consequences of the sin that was committed. Sin is like a stone thrown into the pond, it ripples out and its concentric circles affects every part.

Now what did David suffer despite his genuine repentance? Well we see in the preceding verses that the sword would not depart from his house and this proved to be true. And this was specifically “because thou hast despised me, and hast taken the wife of Uriah the Hittite to be thy wife.” David did not just commit adultery and murder, he then benefited from the results of these acts by marrying Bathsheba. Now the Lord said to David that He would raise up evil against him from his own household and of course we know that this comes to pass with the rebellion and death of his own son. We also know that the child that Bathsheba gave birth to also dies. These are the natural consequences of the sin of David despite the fact he had found forgiveness from the Lord.  And if we are honest we can see in our own lives and the lives of our own families the natural consequences of our sin.

Now if there are natural consequences for our sin and there are, whether we are forgiven or not, how can we tell who walks in genuine forgiveness? We can tell by the life that they lead. The man or woman who finds forgiveness of sin will have a resurgence of joy, not because he has avoided the consequences of his sin for many times he will not but because he has re-established his intimate relationship with his lord which sin had interrupted. The joy and the love and the peace that we now see in him is much more powerful because it is in no way is dependent upon his circumstances, for often they are dire,but depends wholly upon the fact that he is reunited in an intimate way with his Lord. Read the rest of this entry »

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Standing in the depths of you.

Posted by appolus on August 22, 2015

To stand or kneel with head bowed in the presence of a Holy God. A place of infinite glory, of quiet surrender , a place where all things are possible and a deep inner peace glows with some kind of heat in the innermost parts of who we are and radiates out in concentric circles of glory and majesty. This holy heaviness bows our heads and at the same time raises our hands towards heaven like the open mouth of a baby bird longing to be fed ,expecting to be fed. Come Lord Jesus come and fill the vastness of my spirit so that it spills out as living waters in a dry and thirsty land. Rivers in the desert. Fruit on the vine. Manna from above, sweeping down from heaven in a river of love.

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Is there a desperate cry in the land?

Posted by appolus on August 21, 2015


I wrote this back in 2010, I thought it was worth reposting.

Originally posted on A Call To The Remnant:

There is coming a time, and we may be there already, when God is calling His people, His remnant people, who have experienced the presence of God, to rise up and testify to it. To testify of what they know of Him. Of how they come into the presence of a Holy and majestic God, of how it ruins them and changes them, of how they tremble before the throne of the almighty God. This is what the people are starved of, this is what they are dying of thirst from. There is a famine of the Word of God in the land, not the Word preached, but the Word preached with the power and the presence of God. The crisis of the age is a lack of God’s empowering presence in our assemblies.

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The deepest lessons and example of faith.

Posted by appolus on August 20, 2015

The deepest lessons on faithfulness come in the midst of the fires and the tribulations of life. The basic accusation of the enemy against God is ” they only love you and follow you for what they have been given or what they can get.” Therefore the greatest expressions of faith, trust in God, comes in the midst of endurance, a less than popular word. Yet think of Jesus, our highest example. From the glories of heaven where the host bow down and cry Holy, to the lowest depths of the earth where He stripped and hung naked on a cross and mocked and humiliated by mere mortals. He endures all of this and never denies His Father and stays right there on the cross because of His love and obedience. This is trust in God in action. The Word becomes flesh and light conquers darkness.

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Arise and shine!

Posted by appolus on August 19, 2015

darkness and lightArise, shine; for thy light is come, and the glory of the LORD is risen upon thee. For, behold, the darkness shall cover the earth, and gross darkness the people: but the LORD shall arise upon thee, and his glory shall be seen upon thee. (Isa 60:1-2)

In Exodus 10:22-23 we see that there was a thick or gross darkness that covered the land for three days as a judgment on the land of Egypt. It was so dark that men could not see each other “but all the children of Israel had light in their dwellings.” Even in the midst of gross darkness that covered the land, all of God’s children had light in their dwellings. God caused their dwelling place to be full of light. In verse 17 God said that He would beautify the place of His sanctuary for those who had been forsaken and hated and that He would make them an ” eternal excellence.”

Now I want to encourage you if you are hated and forsaken. God has not forgotten you and He loves you with an everlasting love. We all dwell in darkness right now and the darkness is getting thicker. Gross darkness is approaching and will surely cover the whole earth! Yet, we, the sons and daughters of the Kingdom, the remnant saints here on earth are the dwelling place of God and He has promised that we would be full of light and that this light would arise, for the glory of our God will rise up within us as the enemy comes in with a flood of darkness.

Hab 2:14 For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea. Even in the midst of tremendous judgement and great darkness we see here a promise from the prophet that all of the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of God as the waters cover the sea. All the earth shall see the glory of God as He arises in the hearts of His people. The glory of God shall rise out of the darkness of sin and judgement. Gods children will be a witness, a light unto all the nations of the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and then the end shall come.

Lord I pray that you revive the work of your saints in the midst of gross darkness. Lord in your wrath remember your mercy. Let your light and your glory arise in the hearts of your saints and lift the heads of those who cry out to you. And though the fig tree shall not blossom nor fruit be in the vines and flocks shall be cut off from their folds yet shall we rejoice in the Lord. Our joy will flow from our salvation, you are our strength and you give us feet that can cause us to walk in the high places of your presence. Your glory covers the heavens and may the earth hear the praises of you from the saints upon whom you shall fill with your light. Arise and shine and let the glory of the Lord rise above and penetrate the gross darkness. Thank you Lord, be glorified.

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Living the life of Faith

Posted by appolus on August 19, 2015

The man or woman who waits upon God with patient endurance and does not fall back upon his own strength or power is living the life of faith. Our own strength and power and abilities tend to puff us up and we can lose sight of our dependence upon God. Short term gains often cause us to believe in the strength of our own arm yet leads to weariness and fainting.

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No more Ishmael’s

Posted by appolus on August 17, 2015

And he brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: and he said unto him, So shall thy seed be. (Gen 15:5)

We all know that God had promised Abraham that his seed would be more numerous that the stars in the heavens. We know that Abraham, or Abram as he was known at that time, believed God and it was counted unto him for righteousness. Yet, it must be noted that from the beginning of the promise until its fulfillment was a span of some 25 years. Somewhere near the middle of that time Abram and Sara come up with their own plan using their own common sense in order to try and bring Gods plan, His promise to pass. This of course had disasterous consequences, consequences that the world is still dealing with 3000 years later. Ishmael is the way of the world, Issac is the plan of God.

Now before we are too hard on Abraham, how often have we despaired when God does not seem to answer us? Waiting on God is perhaps the hardest part of our walk. Or lets put it another way for clarification, how often have we despaired while waiting upon a direct promise of God to us? Now prayers and seemingly unanswered prayers are one thing but a direct promise from God is quite another. We know that His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are higher than our thoughts but do we really know that or truly consider that?

And so the temptation is to take matters into our own hands to bring about the promises of God. This typically does not end well. The promise is good and the final results are good but how we get there is of equal importance. To try and force the timing and get to the final destination of our promise by our own means typically finds us fallen into a ditch. Or, to put it another way imagine that I sit high above the earth and can see above the mountains and the valleys and the great forests. I can see where you are and I can also see your final destination. You shout up and ask me if I can see where you are going and I tell you I can. You ask me to direct you there and I say that I will and begin to direct you.

Now, I tell you to go directly west even although you know that your final destination is due north. Yet what you cannot see is that if you went due North right now, it would lead you to a raging river that cannot be crossed at that point. You would eventually have to turn back to where you started or follow the river west which turns out to be long and torturous path. What I can see is that if you go west for a month and then head back north you will be able to cross the river easily and find a valley that will take you between two mountains and allow you to find your way north. How many of us have destroyed ourselves trying to cross a raging river? Or even if we manage to cross it we find ourselves in a place that is insurmountable because a huge mountain lies straight ahead.

It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the inhabitants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain, and spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in: (Isa 40:22)

He indeed sits high above us and He sees the beginning from the end. We can fully trust in that. He knows the way ahead for His children and even when it seems to make no sense to us we must remember that He sees it all. The path that He picks for us may be difficult but not so difficult as the path that we would forge under our own strength. He will be with us when we pass through the waters. He will be with us in the midst of the fiery furnace. He is an ever present help in time of need. He is a cloud to us by day and a fire by night. We may still be in the desert but in that place of death He keeps us as we move towards the fulfillment of His promises to us. So many have created their own Ishmael’s in an effort to bring to pass what is or is perceived to be God’s will for our lives. It can only end outside of the anointing of God.

There is a small narrow path that often makes no sense yet it is the narrow path of life. So often we have to give up common sense and natural abilities and simply take His hand and shut our natural eyes and move forward with the eyes of our heart trusting in our God who not only knows the way but is the Way. Will you trust Him today. He sits high above it all, He spreads out the heavens like a curtain and He laid the foundations of the earth. Who is like unto Him? Is there any? Is there anything too difficult for Him? He sees it all, the beginning from the end for He is the Alpha and the Omega. You can trust Him. Trust Him today saints and stand fast.

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Faith delivers what Grace provides

Posted by appolus on August 8, 2015

Faith delivers what Grace provides-Don’t measure your faith, measure your God-David Legge.

It’s worth considering those quotes for a few moments for the truths that they speak to can transform your walk with God. So, if faith delivers what grace provides, what does grace provide? And if faith is so important then why should we ignore faith, s to speak, and rather consider the vastness of God?

If faith is the evidence of things not seen, and it is , then it is first and foremost the evidence of God. We see God in the man who walks in faith. We see God in love and hope and mercy and forgiveness. We see Him in joy and peace and self-control. We see Him in all of these attributes distilled in us and we see Him more clearly the darker the background. The more difficult the circumstance of our lives then the greater the canvas for memorializing God in the hearts and minds of the world.

And so, if the unmerited favor of God first and foremost provides salvation, justification, then it also provides us with the means of how to live out that justification. Grace gives us access to faith and faith is the evidence of the man or woman who walks in close proximity to God. The closer the walk, the greater the faith. The greater the faith, the deeper the love. The greater the faith the more abundant the hope. The greater the faith the more abounding the mercy and forgiveness. And finally, the greater the faith the greater the expressions of joy and peace and self-control. And all of these add up to an expression of the reality of God seen in us, and expression of the reality of the unseen God. A light that pierces the darkness of this world, the hope of this world.

If faith is that important. If it is the deliverer of what grace provides then how shall a man increase in faith? Shall he pray more? Shall he tithe more? Shall he live a more holy life? Shall he increase in the rigors of religious life and then somehow earn more faith by denying himself? Now obviously praying and tithing and holiness and even denying oneself are not inherently wrong. Yet they become disastrous if they are flowing from the heart of one who is trying to earn faith by their own efforts. Everything must flow from the presence of God. What is begun in the Spirit must abide in the Spirit and walk daily in the Spirit. The key of faith, given to us by Jesus that unlocks the door of salvation is also the key which unlocks every other door.

I have seen men trying to kick in the doors of mercy and peace and joy. I have seen groups of men with battering rams trying to break down the doors of love and forgiveness and holiness. I have been that man at times, I have held that battering ram at times. Yet no door that opens deeper into the heart of the Father can be strong armed open. It is not by might or any power it is by His Spirit alone. And it is by weakness and an understanding of our weakness that draws us near to the Father and deeper into His heart. As we draw near, faith is increased. As our faith is increased then it delivers what grace has provided. As we receive what grace has provided then we share with others with what we ourselves have been freely given. As we share this with others, faith is increased and the evidence of God walking amongst us is evident to men and He and He alone is glorified.

Will you draw near today? Will you enter into His rest and cease from your own works today? In His presence there is fulness of joy. In His presence there is a peace that surpasses understanding. In His presence there is forgiveness and restoration. In His presence there is purity of heart. In His presence there is mercy and love beyond measure. In His presence there is strength for the weak. In His presence you can run and not grow weary, you can walk and not faint. In His presence you can mount up with wings as eagles and soar to unimaginable heights. Will you draw near today saints?

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I will make a way in the wilderness.

Posted by appolus on August 4, 2015

river in desertIsa 43:19 Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.

A desert is a place of thirst and hunger. Can I suggest that Christendom finds itself caught up in a great desert? There is starvation and people are dying because they have no living waters. The desert is a place of death. It is without form and the shifting sands that are at the mercy of the wind simply gather where the wind blows it. The very landscape is shaped by the direction of the winds. This landscape is inhabited by jackals and scorpions and snakes. Without water, everything dies in the desert. In this desert it is every man for himself and each man is a law unto himself, he is lawless.

There is another kind of wilderness desert. It is the desert that the Lord calls us into. Prior to Jesus’ ministry, he is called away from his life and into the desert. In this place He fleshes out fully depending upon His Father. He suffers from hunger and thirst and He is tempted time and time again. In a sense, this was the Lord’s baptism of fire. He was there for forty days. Moses spent forty years in the desert. The children of Israel later spent forty years in their own desert prior to entering the promised land. There is a spiritual principle at work here. Moses had to learn to die to his own ways before he encountered the burning bush. He then fully enters into his ministry. The children of Israel only enter into the promised land after forty years of desert. Jesus ministry begins after a symbolic 40 days in the wilderness.

I write this to my brothers and sisters who are in their own wilderness. I consider most of the Body of Christ to be in the wilderness right now. I want you to consider what the Lord is preparing for you. You see, in a real desert the only thing that matters is life itself and what gives life. Water. It must be found. It must be sought out. It’s importance must be fully appreciated. Trivial matters do no exist in the desert. The entire focus is upon that which gives life. This kind of preparation is vital because of the darkness which even now approaches. The greatest storm of evil ever known is already gathering strength and it is taking direct aim at the Body of Christ.

When the Body of Christ emerge out of this desert by the power of the Spirit of God, they will be prepared for ministry for such a time as His coming back. Every Christian that emerges from the desert has and will discover that it is He and He alone that sustains them. When everything was stripped away, they discovered a source of water, the fountain of life, the river that makes glad and they discovered it where no water should exist. Now they have an inexhaustible supply, they always had it but now they know it. They are now equipped to follow in the footsteps of the prophet who walked out of his own desert and pronounced “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” The Body of Christ is being prepared to come out of the desert and into the teeth of the storm pronouncing ” Behold the Lion of Judah comes.” Stand fast brothers and sisters, there is a purpose in your suffering and it will soon be revealed.

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I know about thy Grace

Posted by appolus on July 31, 2015

GodI know about thy grace
I simply look into the mirror
And gaze upon my face

I see no reason for His mercy
nor love He has for me
I see a man who was a prisoner
longing to be free

I see a man who long ago
found life though he were dead
A man who had been starving
and God gave him some bread

I see a man who walked in darkness
in whom there was no light
I see a man who was delivered
who was blind but given sight

I look away now from the mirror
and lift my eyes to glories throne
I see that I who once was lonely
shall never be alone

I see my risen savior
and He is high and lifted up
I stand there in His presence
for He has filled my cup

It’s filled with living water
my sin there is no trace
There’s only Gods own glory
and His unending Grace.

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