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The difference between a preacher and a messenger

Posted by appolus on July 3, 2018

There is a huge difference between a preacher with a sermon and a messenger with a message. You can take an anointed preacher and transport him back 500 years, he could preach the exact same sermons that he preaches today and it would be good. Now do the same with a messenger from today who has a message for today and he would find no place for himself in the past. God speaks to every generation by way of the prophet and yet we have no office of the prophet in most of our gatherings. Self proclaimed prophets are no prophets at all.

8 Responses to “The difference between a preacher and a messenger”

  1. Robert Taylor said

    You made a very good point here brother Frank. I had never thought of a preacher, as verses a messenger in this context before. You have opened up a whole new line of thought for me. Lord send us more preachers, there are so few in the land today.

    • appolus said

      And send us messengers Lord, there are so few. We need a Tozer or T.A.Sparks or David Wilkerson. God bless you brother…………….bro Frank

  2. I concur

  3. John said

    Yes, but what is a messenger of God ? I feel I am being called, I am asking God for his counsel and guidance. I feel that, for what ever reason, I have a message to share. ButI don’t know what a messenger is. Is it exactly that, one who shares a message ? Is it that easy ?

    • appolus said

      A messenger is someone who is not that important. The one who sends the message and the one who receives the message are the key. Every true messenger knows that God could raise up a donkey to convey the same message is He so desired. The messenger will likely have his life dismantled and will have, undoubtedly, on some level, already lived the message he shall be called upon to convey. …………….bro Frank

  4. Linda Cosmos said

    So powerful

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