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Being found worthy of the enemies attention.

Posted by appolus on July 29, 2018

Every great relationship with Jesus attracts the enemy. He cannot stand to see someone get close to Jesus and so he comes against that one. He has never learned, not ever, will that the more he comes against this one who has decided to follow Jesus no matter what, the more he drives him deeper into the heart of God. It must be an agonizing dilemma for the evil one, leave him or her alone and she will do great things for the Lord. Come against him/her and she will shine like the brightest star in the darkest sky, so much is the illumination that so many more will see and hear of the glories of God. Is the enemy at your heels today saint? has he come against you over and over again? Victory in Jesus, you have been counted worthy by the enemy as an enemy of his kingdom, you have been counted worthy to suffer for His name sake and you will be counted worthy to rule and to reign with Him throughout eternity. This is the word of God, anything else is the lies of the enemy. Sleep well saint, you are in good company.

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