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What then hinders us?

Posted by appolus on January 17, 2023

I believe we need to bring the Holy Spirit of God back into the church, back by prayer, obedience, and confession, until He literally takes over. Then there will be life and light and power and victory and joy and fruit in our lives. We can live on a different level altogether, a level never before dreamed possible. Every church has an obligation to regularly examine itself to see if what it is doing is on the solid foundation of the Holy Spirit. The tendency is to drift, as the Scriptures often warn us. I need to be careful that my life is solid on the foundation. If I am not building my life and ministry on the foundation of the Holy Spirit, I will not be pleasing or glorifying to God. (A.W.Tozer)

What a tragic statement from so long ago, that “we need to bring the Holy Spirit of God back into the church.” What is a church without the Holy Spirit? What is a life without the Holy Spirit? Well it probably looks like our own best efforts. And what will our own best efforts amount to? The very best scenario, a counterfeit to the living God. Some counterfeits are much better than others. The deadness in a lot of churches is as apparent as the nose on your face. Some hide the deadness much better. A lot of noise, a lot of shouting, dimmed lights, lifestyle sermons and motivational speaking. Yet, without the Holy Spirit, just as dead as the other churches mentioned. Tozer said “until He literally takes over.” I believe that is a bridge too far for most modern churches. How would the programs fit in? How long would the service be? “Hey, i did not hear my favorite guy speak this morning.” Toes would be stepped on and the tares would howl in protest and walk.

If the tendency is to drift, and it is, assuming there was a good starting point, where does that leave us today? Ask the average pastor how “his church,” is doing and he will tell you wonderful stories. On the whole he will be well pleased. If anything is to change there must be a revival of holy dissatisfaction. There must be desperation. Desperate times demands desperate measures. There must be honest assessments of where we are. And what blueprint shall we use for that? Do you know of another besides the Scriptures? There is none. The old paths is the Scriptures. The old paths is the Holy Spirit. The old paths leads to a place where the Holy Spirit  “literally takes over.” Are we so far down the “new,” paths that we cannot even visualize what it would look like to get back to the Word and its description on how we gather and how we edify one another. When was the last time there was a manifestation of the Spirit in your gathering? Our traditions and our programs are all too often the last dying breath of what once was. They act as ventilators that artificially keep us breathing. And just as  90% of people die who go on ventilators in the world, the spiritual ventilators of our programs and traditions are spiritually killing people.

It is time for the Jesus people to stand up. Stand up brothers and sisters and cry out that the Holy Spirit of God would come back into the church, back by prayer, obedience, and confession, until He literally takes over. We were not created and born again to sit lifeless and mute and to drown in mediocrity. We were born again to be extraordinary. To be used by God to feed and to edify one another in the assembly of the saints. To cry out “Holy , Holy, Holy is His name.” What would happen in your assembly if, at the leading of the Spirit, you stood up and cried this out? Florrie Evans stood up in her Calvinistic church and declared publicly that she “loved the Lord Jesus with all of her heart.” And with that, just that simple, bold public declaration that must have horrified the religionists, revival fell. Not a revival of preaching mind you. Not a revival of programs. Not a revival of institutions, but a revival where the “Holy Spirit literally took over.” And down flowed the glory and up went the prayers. Up went the confessions and up went the unashamed declarations of Jesus. The glory fell and the tears fell and the world was changed. We worship the same God today as we did in 1904. What then hinders us? Perhaps we simply don’t want it?

3 Responses to “What then hinders us?”

  1. geejay12 said

    AMEN, brother!!!

  2. Mary said

    Read this a couple times.
    The cry of travail for the church in our day.
    Amen, brother.

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