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The perfect love of God!

Posted by appolus on October 20, 2022

1Co 8:3  But if any man loves God, the same is known of him. 

What does it mean to love God? Ask the majority of people if they love God and they will quickly say yes. It is, of course, the correct answer. Yet as we know, words do not equate to love. If you are married to a man who beats you but tells you that he loves you, you can be certain that man knows nothing of love. You may be his possession, but he certainly does not love you. In short we shall know if someone loves someone, not by what they say but but what they do. That is not to detract from words, words are important. When true love and words combine, then a majestic noise is heard in the heavenly’s  We will talk about what we are passionate about. For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth will speak. Yet actions certainly do speak louder than words, it is a cliche for a reason. Love is sacrificial. We see the highest example of this on the cross where Jesus died for us. Love is obedient, we see that in Gethsemane where Jesus struggles yet in the end He is obedient to His Father because of His great love and desire to do His Fathers will.

Jesus taught us that there is no greater love in this world than when a man lays down his life for a friend. This is not an issue of the head, but it is an issue of the heart. Knowledge promotes pride in us and makes us arrogant. Yet love promotes self sacrifice and it edifies the soul. Knowledge in the wrong hands can cause our weak brothers and sisters to perish, but love would rather deny itself than see another fall. We know that we love because we were first loved. God loves us and when we love Him there is a vital connection. When we enter into the love of God then we have the capacity to love as God loves. We are one in Him as Jesus and the Father are one, we enter into that unity. We can never love that which we have never encountered. It is vital to encounter God. The crowd in Acts chapter two encountered God through the power of the Holy Spirit spoken through Peter. This encounter led many to cry out to God and embrace the God they encountered. Many more rejected that very same encounter. Further on in Acts chapter seven we see the Holy Spirit again encounter men through Stephen, these men violently reject God.

If love were to be numbered, one being the most basic human love, and ten being God, we could never engage people in the love of God lest we ourselves had encountered a ten, God. If you were raised in a household where you experienced a three, then that is the capacity that you have. You cannot love beyond that which you have encountered. Yet, when a human being encounters the love of God and loves God back, then that one is “known,” of God. That one carries the favor of God. That one walks in His love and His grace and His mercy. The number ten which reflects the perfect love of God is revealed to us through Jesus our Lord and Him crucified. It is only how we react to this revelation that can determine if we shall walk in the love of God. No matter how much you think you love and no matter what capacity you think you have for love, outside of Calvary and your encounter with it, you have but a fleshly love. You might think that your love is special and that you would lay your life down for a loved one. Much of the world would do this. Who would lay down their life or the life of their own son for someone who hates them and hates there son? Only God. To encounter God and receive His love is to be swallowed whole by glory.

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    A sweet response, and peace to you, Sister.

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