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I may be cast down but I’m not destroyed.

Posted by appolus on January 23, 2022

2Co 4:9  Persecuted, but not forsaken; cast down, but not destroyed; 

It’s sometimes hard to sleep when our thoughts have been taken captive by anything other than Jesus.  Paul said that he was troubled on ever side but not distressed. Perplexed but not despairing. Persecuted but not forsaken, cast down but not destroyed. He had “learned,” to be content in every situation. No magic wand, but trust. He had walked through enough fires to have learned there was another in there he could see. He had been through enough waters to know the One who was holding back the sea. Taking our thoughts captive by lifting our eyes to Jesus. Anxiety is swept away and we are flooded with a peace that surpasses all understanding.

There can be no doubt that faith is forged in the fire and the tempering of our spirits happens when we are plunged into the waters. When the wind and the waves have done their work, and only that which was anchored remains, then we begin to see the saint come forth. Come forth from the fire, come forth from the storm, come forth from the grave clothes. Jesus stands and beckons us to “come forth.” When nothing should survive then we come forth and thrive by the power and the will and the good pleasure of the righteous hand of God. If you are in the fire today, do not cry out to God to quench the flames, rather pray that God Himself will sustain you in their midst. If the storm threatens to engulf you, do not pray to be rescued from it but rather to be sustained in its depths. If there is a mountain that stands in your way, do not pray for its removal but rather pray for the strength to scale its heights. In this way the mountain is removed and God is glorified and the saint lies down and sleeps in peace.


One Response to “I may be cast down but I’m not destroyed.”

  1. sharidayle said

    Dear Sister, We love Appollos, don’t we? This is excellent word. My mom used the word “doldrums” many times, so it is familiar. Interesting the story of where this word started. I received this same word from Appollos today, and I thank you for sending me, too! I believe many y of us fac e the doldrums, especially the days we are living. Doug and I believe we have met a sweet pastor, no church yet, but he leads a Bible study on Weds. nights. So, this will hopefully fill the void we have felt a long time. You know we love Jimmy and all folks do we there. To ac tually have fellowship close by will mean so much. His name is Justin, wife is Tammy. Doug is in Idaho for 3 days visiting old navy friend. The man is not saved, so we pray God will use Doug mightly. There is no phone service. This being alone will be good! It is a strange feeling being alone, but I believe Jesus will use this as a time for growth in Him. Ac tually, I have slid into this quiteness very well!! I hope you are well, sister!
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