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When the leaves begin to fall.

Posted by appolus on November 22, 2021

When all the leaves have faded 
And fallen to the ground
I pray the trees still standing
Right there on Holy ground.

When everything is stripped away
And we stand before the throne
And we have no earthly covering
but the Blood of Christ alone

We'll see what only God can see
And where it had begun
On the wretched bloody battle-field 
Of Calvary there, was won.

The Blood He shed for you and me
It covers everything 
And though we stand there naked
There stands our Christ the King

And there we'll know as we are known
White garments dressed before the throne
There'll never be another fall
For the Blood of Christ it covers all.

2 Responses to “When the leaves begin to fall.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Beautiful poem..

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