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Where is your desperation?

Posted by appolus on April 2, 2021

Would to God that we would raise up a battalion of wet eyed intercessors for this hour of unprecedented grief and spiritual peril. …Denominational segregation must go;barriers must be eliminated and group prayer meetings formed. This is the crisis hour of the Church as well as the world. We must obey the Bible command to fast and pray..If we face up to our calamity of this hour, we shall get our faces down into the dust to cry “Arm of the Lord, awake and put on strength.” Out of those protracted prayer times would come a people glowing and growing, plus a whole new crop of last-day prophets. Let’s make no mistake, they will come (Ravenhill-Meat for Men)

Now consider this brothers and sisters. Ravenhill wrote that over sixty years ago. Has anything changed? No! It is much much worse. If we were not desperate then, how about now? Let me tell you what else has not changed. Denominational barriers must come down. The whole world is ablaze and the members of the Body of Christ is fragmented. And before you write to me and complain that the mystical Body of Christ is one, let me save you the time, don’t. They are scattered to the wind of denominations and non denominations. How can we raise up a battalion? How can we raise up an army?

If you have five different churches on your street or one hundred different churches in your town, and your town is going to hell and its children are being swallowed up by a Satanic flood why have you not banded together to pull them from the fury?. Why are you not crying out to God together in holy desperation!  Declare a holy fast; call a sacred assembly. Summon the elders and all who live in the land to the house of the LORD your God, and cry out to the LORD (Joel 1:14) It is our singular lack of unity that greatly strengthens the arm of Satan in his divisive purposes. We talk about a divided society. Are they not merely a reflection of the Church? As goes the Church, so goes the world.

Pastors and leaders are to blame. There, I said it. The sheep are scattered. And while they wander the hills without effective leadership (yes, we are all led by the Holy Spirit) their leaders are worrying about how to get warm bodies back into the churches. They are worried about the divisions in society and the great cracks that are appearing , and they see the very same cracks ion their own congregations. That is because Pastor, your church is no different than the world. You go as the world goes. It is all upside down. Do you even have a solemn prayer meeting once a week? And I am not talking about praying for Aunt Flo’s big toe. I am talking about crying out to God with tears and prayers and fastings for the state of the world, the state of your community, the state of your “own,” church.

Do not be surprised dear Pastor when you begin to lose those who fear God the most. Those who can no longer stomach the lukewarmness. Those who would rather stumble into a desert and cry out to God for life itself than to be back in Egypt in slavery. It is not too late although the hour is late. Will you repent Christian leaders? Will you call solemn assemblies? Fasting and prayer meetings? Will you step off your platform and give it back to Jesus? Its not too late but the darkness comes. Its not too late but even now the gross darkness licks around your feet. Will you cry out to God in heaven who dwells in impenetrable light that He may rend the heavens and come down? What is stopping you? You know in your heart that there will be an accounting. God save us from this day and from this hour.



2 Responses to “Where is your desperation?”

  1. Dick said

    Cannot let this message go by without voicing a strong “Amen!” Wish to heaven it could be forwarded to every pastor and leader of this so-called institutional, man designed pyramid system but I doubt it would be listened to. I now see how I languished within that structure for over 50 years by plugging into the ventilator each week which did (and still does) everything for the audience except bring Life. I am so grateful that God has given me time to seek Him in the wilderness by revealing His heart for me and His true ecclesia. I would only add that I agree the primary burden for this condition rests with the pastors and leaders but I also fully recognize that the so- called laity prefers it that way by and large. If your Ventilator system doesn’t appeal or meet my needs I can look for another Ventilator to plug into down the street that will meet my needs, require nothing of me except maybe putting some $ into the machine to keep it going. It is a golden calf similar to the one Aaron fashioned for the Israelites in my view. Ultimately it will bring death. Praying that the eyes of my family and the true church can be opened to see this ventilator system that masquerades as a angel of Light. Hopefully this pandemic has given many time to see how flawed it is and not return to “it” as things open back up. Keep on preaching Brother!! Have a blessed Easter

  2. BT said

    There is but ONE Body, One Lord and One faith and those who have the power of this truth burning within their being cannot acknowledge any other. Ezekiel’s vision of the dry bones is the substance of His cry today. Jesus prayed that we may be ONE AS HE is in the Father… that the world may know! The prayer of the Son cannot go unfulfilled… Let the fire of Him burn within the recesses of our own hearts and to settle for nothing less!

    They who know of this groaning within reveal the true “First fruits of the Spirit” Rom. 8:22-23

    Blessings brother,

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