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The saints are being bombarded and worn out.

Posted by appolus on January 25, 2015

Dan 7:25 And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time.

Daniel speaks of a time when the saints will be worn down. I believe the process of the saints being worn down has already begun. Times have been changed and wrong has become right and truth, at best, is relative. This is wearing the saints out as they struggle to come to terms with these fast changing circumstances. There has been a blitzkrieg so to speak in the realms of the spirit. Compromise and unrighteousness has surrounded the saints. We are an obstacle that at some point will have to be removed if the enemy is to have total dominance. More laws will be changed and we will witness more compromise by Christendom

If you recognize this, then I want you to be encouraged saint. We have been called to stand. Even although many will fall away, we have been called to stand. There is an evil day ahead and the saints have been called to stand in that day. Now how are we to stand in the midst of this battle? We have been called to stand fully equipped with the armor of God, this is how we will stand and the enemy knows it, so he has come against every aspect of our armor in the last several decades, knowing the time is short.

Now we know we are called to gird our loins with truth. Satan has furiously assaulted truth in our day. Truth has become anything you need it to be, it has become relative. Of course truth is absolute, but that is no longer accepted. We are called to put on the breastplate of righteousness. Righteous living and holiness has become something of a quaint notion in our day. Between those who believe that once saved always saved, cheap grace and hyper grace, then actual holy living has become something deemed as a work when of course it is one of the fruits of genuine salvation. Nominal Christianity dominates and runs Christendom and those who call for holy and righteous living are relegated to the realms of Pharisee and legalist. Our feet are to be shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace. Our hearts must be right and this keeps us ever ready to walk in the peace that comes from the truth of the Gospel which has set us free. It also keeps us ever ready to share the gospel with others. Satan has done a great job in quieting the saint when it comes to the Gospel of truth. We are constantly afraid of offending someone. The bold notion that there is but one way to heaven, through the Lord Jesus Christ and that all other paths and religions lead to hell has become all but illegal and in fact it has become unacceptable in so many arena’s of public life.

One of the most important parts of our armor is the shield of faith, for this is used to quench the fiery darts of the wicked one. In the last several decades, faith has come under intense attack from the enemy. We now have millions of adherents to the ” Word of faith,” movement. Faith has become mere words used as vehicles which supposedly carry power because it compels God to do as we say. People today have faith in faith like it is some kind of source of power in and of itself that can be manipulated and used to grant us our desires. This is not faith. We also have the helmet of salvation. This of course protects our minds and our attitudes. In genuine salvation we are acutely aware of who we were and who we are now and this creates gratitude and thankfulness. We also are very much aware that life is short and it is to be lived for our King and for things of eternal value. Satan has come against this with a ferocity. This notion of living our best lives now is very much prevalent throughout Christendom. It used to be said that if folks were so spiritually minded that they were of no earthly good. I never believed that and I rarely met anyone of that ilk anyway. Now, what can be said of people who are so mindful of the things of this world that they are of no eternal value? This is a great victory for the enemy.

Last we have the Word of God which is the sword. We can say with great certainty that the enemy has fought this for countless centuries but in recent decades has made enormous strides in taking the sword out of the hands of those who oppose him. Barna, the Christian statistician , claims that this generation is the most Biblically illiterate generation in over 300 years. When one considers that almost all people in the western world can read and have access to a Bible through a thousand different mediums , then this is truly shocking. Should we not be the most Biblically literate and knowledgeable Christians the world has ever seen?

Now the genuine saints of our day sees all of this and it perplexes them. It is beyond their understanding why people who claim the name of Jesus live in such a manner. It literally wears them out when they consider the ever compromising church and the deteriating state of the world. They wonder where they can go next as denomination after denomination falls and has its armor removed from them. I want you to know saint that this is our lot, we have been called for such a time as this. Our fundamental calling is to stand. Simply stand fast. This is our calling, this is our witness. No matter what happens, the armor of the Lord that you have refused to allow to be taken from you by men, by compromise, by the enemy of your souls, that armor will allow you to stand in that day so I say hold fast and be encouraged.

Those who oppose you will increase as you continue to stand unmoved by the cultural winds that are beginning to blow with hurricane force. But you will not fall because trial and tribulation and temptations have been your lot for many years now and your roots have went down deep into the waters of life. You have seen how God has been faithful to you through every situation and because of that your own faith has increased; to God be the glory. This will protect you from all the fiery darts of the wicked one. You know that you stand at all because of what God has done for you through the salvation of your soul and this creates in you a thankful heart. This will protect your mind from the enemy of your soul. You know that this very salvation has brought you deep joy despite your circumstances and you will always be willing to share this with anyone who will listen. Truth has consumed you and transformed you and you are a lover of it and no power that exists will wrestle it away from you. Living righteously among men is who you are, you are acting according to your nature. Not your old nature, your new nature that ever longs to become more and more like your Lord. And of course the Word of God is your delight. It is the foundation upon which you stand. It allows you to stand, unmovable. It is a lamp unto your feet in the ever-increasing darkness of this world and it lights up the narrow path ahead. Stand fast brothers and sisters, the gates of hell shall not prevail against those who stand.

9 Responses to “The saints are being bombarded and worn out.”

  1. Lynn said


  2. Cynthia said

    Resonates well within me. Thank you, brother, and praise God!

  3. suez62 said

    Amen and thank you so much. It gets hard at times, being alone and lonely. And when you try and warn folks of the bad times ahead, they look at you, like you have the crazies! LOL Words of encouragement, thank you again!

    • appolus said

      “And when you try and warn folks of the bad times ahead, they look at you, like you have the crazies!” Yes sister, I have had that look many times 🙂 ………………….bro Frank

  4. Barbara said

    Your last paragraph is as a personal word to me, from the Lord..how encouraging.

  5. Viviana said

    I never get tired of reading your messages, this one is so in tune with my soul.
    I can see Gods hand in my life from the very go, from the first breath I took preparing, putting my life together for this moment.
    All the hardship that I had since I born to now is all explain here so well. Born and raise Catholic, going to a Catholic school, that was all establish by Jesus to accept him in 1986 as my Lord and Savior.
    And now the storm got stronger but I know why and TRUST has to be the word of the day until he takes me or comes for me.
    Thank you for the time you take to encourage and teach.

    • appolus said

      Hi Viviana, seems that we have a similar background. I too was born and raised a Catholic in a Catholic community in Scotland. I encountered Jesus through the new birth in 1991. Storms are part and parcel of the life of the saints, and of course their is an overarching storm bearing down on us because of the times in which we live, a perfect storm, if you like, gathering to destroy us. Yet of course, greater is He that is within us, than He that is in the world……………….bro Frank

  6. Kelly Mortenson said

    So good to receive encouragement from like-minded believers. Thank you brother.

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