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A declaration of dependence!

Posted by appolus on January 31, 2015

Brothers and sisters, there is a coming storm. Even now the dark clouds are gathering over the land. War is on the horizon. The end of ages are upon us and the enemy of our souls knows it well. He will come against the saints first with great deception and then with great fury. A time is coming, a war is coming such as has not been seen before. Who will stand? In every stage of history men have made their decisions and their stands. Many men have stood on the wrong side of history. It is one thing to stand on the wrong side of history, it is quite another thing to stand on the wrong side of the ages.

Today the saints must establish in their hearts what they are living for and what they are willing to lose everything for. Are you living for all things eternal? Will you be willing in the coming days to lose everything? In that day, there will be darkness and various shades of grey on one side, and there will be light on the other. There is no darkness in God. We cannot stand in shades of grey. We will be compelled to choose. Even now the world demands compromise to the Word of God. Every institution will fall in line with the world or it will fall. Praise God some will choose to fall, most will fall in line.

A famous group of colonists once declared independence from great Britain and a shot was fired that was heard around the world. There will be a declaration all too soon that declares allegiance to God and God alone and further declares total dependence upon Him. When the colonists signed that declaration, death was assured for them in the event of defeat. They were, with their signatures, totally committed to the cause and willing to pay the ultimate price. If mere men can make declarations and give their life for that cause, what will an army of saints around the world achieve by their own declaration? And how will we declare such things? By our lives and the stands that we make. This will be universal. And the result? The greatest witness of Christ the world has ever seen in all of ages past. I pray I live to see that day.

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