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Holy Ground-in the desert

Posted by appolus on January 22, 2015

While Moses was on the mountain being stripped of all his rights –
because that is what was meant by the removal of his shoes –
Israel was in the valley being stripped of all human strength. Moses
would have no rights; Israel, no strength. God could prove Himself
strong on their behalf in no other way. The great “I AM” was being revealed! (David Wilkerson)

After 40 years in the wilderness Moses is ready, Israel is ready. In taking off his shoes, Moses is removing the world from him and acknowledging a holy God. God was working and the backdrop to that working is banishment, wilderness dwelling and slavery. God refines His people in the fire. Now, the fire is kindled by the world not by God. The fire is a reaction to a redeemed people. Note the reason why the Hebrew children were being forced into the fire. They refused to bow down to the gods of this world. They defied the powers that be and were willing to die rather than bow the knee to the gods of this world. This is a spiritual principle played out down through the corridors of time.

Soon the stripping away phase will end and the results will be open persecution of Gods redeemed. For Nebuckadnezzar , he was so enraged that he made the fire seven time hotter. The children of Israel did not fare much better when Pharoah was confronted and defied. In these times, great movements of God were preceded by great hostility to His people. Christ is coming back in all His glory in the sky. There is great movement in the heavenalies and the principalities and powers know that. God is preparing a people who will stand in that evil day.

John the Baptist cried out from the wilderness after more than 400 years of silence from God ” Behold the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world.” Gods own people in this day have been walking through a wilderness and there is something in their bones that they know ” Behold the Lion of Judah is coming in His glory in the sky.” God is not finished preparing His people for the soon coming evil day, but get ready saints to ” remove your shoes.” The Great I Am is getting ready to bring an end to all ages. The culmination of everything written is soon coming to pass. You know it, you do not have to be convinced, the Spirit in you tells you so. The powers that be know it and they will not go quietly. We, the children of God, are their deadliest enemies for we are bearers of the light. Hold fast, stand strong, lift up your heads for you know where your help cometh from. And no matter what happens , remember the words of the Hebrew children in defiance of the essence of worldly power and let us add our words to theirs, we neither will ever bow down to the gods of this world, even if it means our lives…….bro Frank

Rev_12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

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