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A manifestation of the light of God to a dark world.

Posted by appolus on November 15, 2022

2Co 4:6  For God, who commanded the light to shine out of darkness, has shined in our hearts, to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ.

Isn’t it so comforting to know that God commands light to shine forth from darkness? The greatest darkness the world has ever known was the gross darkness that fell upon the earth as Jesus hung there on the cross. An earlier example of such darkness was the ninth plague on Egypt when the darkness was so total that the Egyptians had to feel their way around. A darkness that renders you blind. A darkness that causes you to see no way ahead. An all consuming darkness. This was the darkness that surrounded Jesus and He cried out in great despair. And then finds the way forward “Father, into thy hands I commend my Spirit.” And God commanded light to shine forth from darkness. What looked like a terrible defeat was actually the greatest victory there has ever been.

Many of you reading this will know something of this darkness. You will have experienced great despair, maybe even of life itself. Brothers and sisters, you are in good company. While most difficult, this is common to the saints who walk the narrow path. Oftentimes in our journey we shall experience great trials where there seems to be no way ahead. You might be there right now. “Father, into thy hands I commend my Spirit.’ This is the way forward through the gross darkness.You may be hard pressed on every side yet you shall not be crushed. You may be in despair, even unto death, but you have a High Priest who knows this and Paul and others who experienced this very thing, and like them you shall not drown in this despair, the Hand of God will hold  you, the anchor will hold in the storm that rages. You may be struck down and afflicted, but you shall not be destroyed. Light shall indeed shine forth from the darkness of your situation.

Therefore brothers and sisters, do not lose heart. Even though your outward appearance may be perishing, the spirit within you is being renewed one day at a time. This momentary affliction, life itself, is but a moment in the vastness of eternity. Look brothers and sisters, look with spiritual eyes and see what cannot be seen. See the eternal glory of God. While we continue to look upon the glory of  God and our eternal walk with Him, rather than look to this world with all of its sin and decay, including our own bodies, then we begin to store up for ourselves an “eternal weight,’ of glory. Do not lose heart at your trials and afflictions, for we are called to such things. For we who live are always delivered to death for Jesus sake, that the life of Jesus may be manifested in our mortal bodies. Can you see the truth of this brothers and sisters? Light is shining forth out of the darkness of our flesh by the very commandment of God. For we have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellence of the power of God may be seen by men. We, the saints, are a manifestation of the light of God to a dark world.

2 Responses to “A manifestation of the light of God to a dark world.”

  1. Anonymous said

    Yes, Amen..

  2. BT said

    A prophetic word shared a few days ago at a conference…

    A Word From the Lord
    Shared at a conference in Michigan (11/13/2022)

    I am digging deep.
    Unearthing roots that keep you tethered to places that no longer nourish you.
    Removing debris from an old season that can’t be part of your future.
    Untangling alignments that can’t go where you are going.
    Pruning habits and reshaping mindsets that have hindered and held you for much too long.

    I am digging deep.
    That’s why some painful memories have been resurfacing.
    Old wounds that were covered over but never healed.
    I’ve placed you in uncomfortable situations to reveal the places that still need my attention.
    I am restoring what you have lost.
    I am bringing wholeness.
    I will remove the sting of the past but leave you with the wisdom of that season.

    I am digging deep.
    That’s why you don’t see many visible signs of my activity.
    I am working slowly, beneath the surface, performing spiritual surgery in silence.
    I will not settle for shallow or superficial.
    No more spectators, cheerleaders, or fans.
    I am looking for warriors, lovers, holy ones.
    Consecrated vessels who can carry My goodness, favor, power, and glory.

    I am digging deep.
    Storm-proofing you for the severe shaking that is still to come.
    Making you wholly devoted and durable, firmly established and strong.
    Men will tremble in terror as the nations are shifted, sifted, shocked, and squeezed.
    But my faithful ones will see My Sovereign hand at work.
    You will trust. You will be confident. You will not be moved.

    I am digging deep
    I am making you battle-ready.
    I am building a resilient, radical remnant of worshipping warriors.
    They will win spiritual conflicts in the darkest places.
    You will not be unsettled by the enemy’s noise and bluster.
    You will not pull back when the warfare becomes intense.
    You will take your place.
    You will stand your ground.
    You will prevail.

    I am digging deep.
    I am birthing something new. Never before seen on the earth.
    I am raising up a company of the humble-bold and gentle-brave.
    Refined revolutionaries. Fiercely loyal to Jesus.
    Empty of any desire for man’s praise.
    Fully aware of who they are and whose they are.
    Unconventional. Unashamed. Undaunted. Untamed.
    – Anonymous

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