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Overcoming despair.

Posted by appolus on November 10, 2022

2Co 1:8  For we would not, brethren, have you ignorant of our trouble which came to us in Asia, that we were burdened beyond measure, above strength, so that we despaired even of life: 

It is quite astonishing to see the transparency of Paul here. How many leaders would acknowledge such a depth of despair, even of life itself? How many saints would acknowledge this to each other? Especially men. Most of us are raised to be strong and to keep our innermost thoughts to ourselves, but here is Paul laying out his heart, his fears, his insecurities for everyone to read. And yet even in this he is teaching, he is becoming all things to all men so that he may comfort them. We cannot truly comfort others unless we can be honest and transparent. Once someone realizes that you have walked through the same fire as they have , they sit up and take notice. Paul assures us that his hope for you is steadfast because he knows that as you enter into the sufferings for Christ sake, you shall also enter into the consolation of Christ.

And how glorious is that consolation! Just to be known by Him, just to know that He knows what you are going through. To know that He stands with you in the midst of it all, then we trust Him. And that trust is our strength. It is that trust in Him that sees us through the fires. It is that trust in Him that elevates us above the storm. It is that trust in Him that causes despair to flee and be replaced with a blessed hope. To see Him in the midst of it all is to live. We know that the One who delivered us from the world will deliver us still from all of our calamities. And when He does, we then comfort others, who are going through the dark valleys of life and who are suffering for the cause of Christ, with the same comfort we ourselves were comforted with.

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