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Posted by appolus on March 30, 2021

Conscience diminishes a man as he pushes against it. It is like the turning of the lathe. The turning is the circumstances of life. You are the wood and your conscience is the blade. It will whittle you down to the nub. A man becomes less of a man in every way when he ignores his conscience. You cannot run from it and you cannot hide from it. You can try, and many men have tried, all have failed, all have been diminished in their efforts. Great loss sweeps over a man like the raging waves of a storm tossed sea. You can sear it and you can drown it out with alcohol and drugs. When you sober up, it will still be there. You can fly to the uttermost parts of the sea and you will find that it is there. You can travel lands and traverse mountains and there it is. You could even make your bed in hell and hide in the shadows of darkness and the voice of your conscience will still speak to you.

It will be the High prosecutor as you stand before God or it will be your Chief defense. When the books are open it will, with great clarity and eloquence, speak for you or against you. Your conscience is your greatest gift outside of Christ Himself, although many men find it to be a curse. To the man of God it is a blessing. It holds him steady within the veil. It is like an anchor for his soul. It is mysterious , no doubt, but the voice of God speaks to every man and therefore every man is without excuse and on that great an notable day it will be a very familiar voice you will hear as you stand before God almighty. The voice of God that has echoed through your soul all of your conscious life. Listen today and live.

6 Responses to “Conscience”

  1. Elias said

    Hi, if a person walks in the light of their conscience as explained in Romans 2:14-16 it is pretty much second best, if we want to truly walk with God we need to be led by the Holy Spirit. Romans 8 is a very good explanation of what this looks like, this is true sonship and the Spirit cries abba Father and is intimately acquainted with the Lord, walking in the light of our conscience can’t get us to this level, it can only happen through faith, being baptized in the Holy Spirit cleansed by the blood of Jesus knowing it can only be received instead of the do’s and dont’s of our conscience. If mankind had never fallen our conscience would be a great guide, but it has been tempered with by disobedience, the conscience is a great guide but I think it’s not supposed to be our primary guide hope this makes sense

    • appolus said

      The light of nature as explained in Romans 2:14-16 is not referring to saved people but to unsaved people and specifically unsaved people who knew nothing of Moses law. They are still guilty and will stand guilty before a holy God without excuse and their conscience will be their judge. When a man or woman is saved and gets Baptized in the Holy Spirit, that light is illuminated , magnified to an intense degree by the Holy Spirit of the living God. The conviction of the Holy Spirit work’s upon the consciences of saved men and makes them cry out. Unsaved men do not cry out because of their sins, false professors do not cry out because of their sin.

      He was not that Light,( John the Baptist) but was sent to bear witness of that Light (Jesus) That was the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.(Joh 1:8-9)

      Every single man who comes into the world, according to the Word of God, is touched by the light of God. I would argue that this is the conscience of the man embedded in his soul. Whether he has heard the law of Moses or the name of Jesus ( think man in middle of jungle) he has something of the light of Christ in him that questions the darkness and challenges the darkness. Man is therefore, without excuse when he stands before a Holy God…………………bro Frank

      • Elias said

        I know where your coming from when you write on the conscience in your initial post, I went against my conscience for years as a teenager and into my twenties and lived a very wicked life, I was literally destroyed by it. But there’s something I know to be true, even after we are born again if we live our faith in a Romans 7 experience it will not work out well, we are sons and daughters only to the level we have attained to by the renewing of our minds according to Romans 12 we are transformed in our soul area by the renewing of our minds. (We are spirit soul and body 1 Thessalonians 5:23). I had a revelation that yes it’s true that every baby born into this world is touched by Christ according to John 1:9. We’r on a journey, we seem to be saying the same thing from different perspectives.

  2. Steve Moyer said

    Thought provoking article brother, thanks! I prefer to considered this FATHER’S HOLY SPIRIT which is the catalyst for our living a life doing, always doing the will of our FATHER. The HOLY SPIRIT the CHRIST JESUS promised HIS disciples when HE was no longer was with them in the flesh. Such a powerful, guiding, driving force of the connection between our LORD and SAVIOR CHRIST JESUS and those who pick-up their cross and follow HIM…not this world. So much so that CHRIST JESUS assured HIS disciples that HIS going away and receiving this HOLY SPIRIT would be to their advantage. wow!

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