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Anything less that true freedom is a tragedy

Posted by appolus on February 17, 2021

Joh 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

God has called His children out of darkness into His marvelous light, the light of freedom. Religion is the deadliest enemy of Gods freed children. It spies out their liberty and seeks, with much patience, to again enslave and control them. In these days God is releasing a generation to come forth and live in the freedom that He has called them too. The shackles of the old religious systems are being exposed and broken down.

It can be scary to begin to think for oneself and to walk into open fields of freedom having been so restrained for so long. So confined by that pew that you sit on, year after year nothing but a spectator. Brothers and sisters you were called into a royal Priesthood. He who the Son has set free is free indeed. Free to walk with Him, free to be taught by Him, free to hear Him, free to be directed by Him. Our call is a radical one and it is to Jesus and Jesus alone. This is where freedom begins.

Many years ago I was walking in the suburbs of Kansas where I live. Walking through a wealthy neighborhood I saw gardens with meticulously planted flowers. A lot of work had obviously went into them. They had a design and had undoubtedly been measured exactly, every flower planted the exact distance from each other. Each home-owner knew what they wanted and it had been achieved. There was a regimentation in these gardens and they certainly had some kind of beauty. Then I heard the Holy Spirit telling me to look across the street.

There was a large field. At the far end of the field was an open drainage system for water run-off and a large culvert. All around this area was full of wild flowers of all kinds. No hand had placed them where they were. They were wherever the wind had blown their seed. It was truly a magnificent sight and had a beauty that was unmatched by the little regimented soldiers all standing to attention, watching from across the street, now seemingly entrapped and longing to breathe free.

Brothers and sisters, where are you? Did the wind of the Spirit blow in your life? Did He lead and guide you to where you are now? To be where the Lord wants you to be and to be part of a garden that the Lord Himself planted is to have ridden the winds of the Holy Spirit. Can you just stand and let go? Can you let the updrafts of His presence and Spirit carry you? Can you breathe free today? It is your birthright and that freedom from a crushing religious system of control and man centered activity was wrought for you on the bloody battle field of Calvary. To live in anything less than that freedom is a tragedy.

5 Responses to “Anything less that true freedom is a tragedy”

  1. Martin said

    Can I ask a question Frank?

  2. Martin said

    How does a man truly get this freedom?

    • appolus said

      It is not how he gets it Martin, for a son or daughter of God already has it. It is how he possesses it! He must reach out to the hand of God and take what has been given. It is in this reaching out that we shall be crushed in this world and all that it represents. Jericho’s walls must fall to enter such freedom. The strongholds must be breached, they must be burned to the ground. We can make no peace deals with darkness. We can bear no bitterness in our hearts even for our most bitter enemies. Can you hear Jesus cry ” Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.” Was there ever a greater injustice in all the history of the world than the injustice that pierced our Saviour and yet, He loved, He forgave. This is freedom Martin. When all the world is crucified to us, when we can cry out with Jesus “Father into thy hands I commend my spirit.” When we can cry ” it is finished,” then it will be finished, we shall have entered into that Hebrews four rest. Our lives, a perpetual Sabbath. Our works at an end, our peace established. It is by death and death to everything in this world that we enter in brother. Enter into that Kingdom that even now is, it dwells with us. He who the Son set free is free indeed! It was for freedom that the Lord dies for us. What a tragedy to never walk in that freedom in this life……brother Frank

  3. lcbrack said

    Thank you!!! This is so beautiful I could sense the Holy Spirit strongly. Blessings Loy Leslie


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