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The mob and their pitchforks.

Posted by appolus on February 14, 2021

It has been reported that the attorney for President Trump, Micheal Van Der Ven’s house has been attacked with windows smashed and graffiti with expletives sprayed on the walls. In addition, there has been over 100 death threats to him and his family. On March the 6th 1770 the Boston Massacre occurred. Many patriots were killed at the hands of the hated Redcoats. Eight soldiers were arrested and their officer Thomas Preston. Who would defend the hated men who had killed the beloved patriots on the very “eve,” of the revolution?

With remarkable bravery and a refusal to throw his lot in with the angry mob, the man who would be a future statesman stepped up. John Adams. With risk to his livelihood and life and limb this man who loved justice would defend these unpopular men. Today there is an ugly ugly mob out there and they have been weaponized by unscrupulous politicians and oligarchs and the titans of industry, commerce and media. Let me tell you Christian, this very same mob will soon be at our door. They will be at the door of all who refuse to bow to their narrative.

My answer is to speak the truth in love and to speak it to power. Keep speaking the truth no matter what. Do not be cowed by the gods of this world. Be bold in your faith and your love of the truth. Let justice beat at the center of your heart. Stand with the downtrodden and the rejected of society. Our authority is God, and Him alone we shall serve even now as the gross darkness falls. The brown shirts march our streets just as surely as they did in 1930s Germany. Standing for truth has nothing to do with politics. It is about a refusal to be intimidated. The devils strategy is to intimidate the saints into silence, so he creates an atmosphere of intimidation.

What air do you breathe saint? Do you breathe in the artificially created atmosphere of the rich and the powerful? Or, do you breathe the rarified air of heaven which is infused with love and grace and freedom and boldness? When others cower the saints are called to stand. When others are too timid to speak the saints are called to speak the truth in love. Very soon there will be a societal price to pay for our faith in the West. It has already begun and the vortex will grow more intense as the barometric pressure continues to drop.

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