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Making peace with darkness.

Posted by appolus on February 3, 2021

Making peace with darkness is about saying in your heart “this far and no further.” It’s about holding on to something, or maybe it’s more than one thing, but your holding on to it. It is something deep in your heart that you know should be dealt with, crucified, but you say in your heart “I am not going to obey.” Now its buried deep, you would never say it out loud, in fact you do not even want to think about it, but there it is, the shadow. You may believe it to be a small thing but it will come to identify you. Why? Because you have drawn a line in the sand. You are holding this thing back for yourself.

Now, it may be that the thing is not in and of itself inherently sinful, but it has you. It could be to do with security or insecurity. How you look? A foundation of your life that the Lord wants. And you have decided in your heart that He cannot have it. And you make your peace with the darkness. You know in your heart that you are not going to obey God in this. It’s a small thing in the grand scheme of things you say, and that may be so. Yet, you shall go no further in the Kingdom and somewhere inside of you you know that this is deal you have made.

It’s offensive to say it out loud is it not brothers and sisters? Say what? “I am not going to obey you in this Lord.” But there it is and fooling ourselves like the Ostrich burying it’s head in the sand will not make it go away. It will always be there and it has stunted your growth and you are good with it. Well maybe not good with it, but you know, there it is. We rationalize it dont we brothers and sisters? It is not that you are not saved, for you are still saved but whatever way we look at it it is a declaration we have made and it is heard in the Kingdom of God. You have limited yourself. Not God, God does not limit His children. When we stand before Him, we will know as we are known and we will weep for the limitations we put on ourselves for this beggarly thing whatever it was. And God will wipe the tears away. Tears of regret.

Now brothers and sisters, if you are reading this then there is still breath in your body and you can still choose this day to break the treaty that you made with the darkness. Let’s face it, it was not a peace we made for how can the child of God truly be at peace and be anxious for nothing when there is some kind of stronghold that dwells with our chests? What is it that you know you have to give up? Sinful or not sinful but it stands as a marker, a stronghold between you and God who wants every part of you, every single part of you. Whatever it is you have held onto for yourself, the devil will beat you mercilessly with it. By an act of the will, obey God this night and let whatever holds you back die on the cross where it belongs.

2 Responses to “Making peace with darkness.”

  1. Rebecca said

    As I read this I see how by your words how Christ’s Holy Spirit is dealing with me. In my loneliness I cry out to God for a godly man to enter my life … I long to share what His Holy Spirit shows me in the Word … I long for someone to walk this path with me. As I have asked over and over,in prayer, it is as if the message to Paul resonates in my spirit, “My grace is sufficient.”

    I do not walk this path alone … His Spirit is abiding in me and I must also abide in Him with submission. So thank you … it is as if this is a word from the throne. I must repent and submit to Jesus in that He is enough … that He must always be first … and that He knows what I need even if He determines, ‘not now’ or even if He says, ‘no.’

    I can testify that Jesus has been and is my comforter, my provision and my blessed hope. You are right, Satan does indeed beat me up with this desire mostly in dreams during the night. The LORD told me , “Speak to the mountain!” In faith and in the authority of the Name above all names I have spoken out loud when Satan or his minions try me. I know they can not break through the ring of fire that surrounds me. Christ is King of kings and LORD of lords … He is above all rulers and powers of the air. I also know that Christ is deeply pruning His own and is separating any chaff that holds us prey to the enemy. It is a fight. I must lay my Issac on the altar …

    Thank you for your obedience … this word was for me. I ask for prayer and I will commit to pray for the saints to stay strong and courageous. We are in a battle …

    • appolus said

      “I must lay my Issac on the altar.” Yes indeed sister. I cannot even imagine how hard it was for Abraham to set of on a journey with the child of his dreams, the child of promise, the child in whom everything rests, knowing that at the end of the journey he would slay that child in obedience to God over and above every single desire that permeated his whole body. This is trust, this is faith, this is obedience. Death to the deep desires of our heart and a releasing of the longing so that nothing competes for our affections for Him. Often time in the release it releases the actual desire into our life, but no matter, our relationship with Jesus is unconditional and He knows the depths of our hearts……………..bro Frank

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