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The established against the anointed.

Posted by appolus on February 1, 2021

After David is anointed by the prophet we see an interesting situation develop. There is God’s anointed and there is also the people choice. They both exist at the same time and they both proclaim their allegiance to God. One is a man after God’s own heart and the other is a law unto himself. One has the Spirit of God upon him and the other does not. One loves to be in the presence of God and the other tries to pin him to the wall because he has no access to the presence of God. One is honorable and respectful to the other, and in return the other wants to kill him and wipe out all of his associates. One can speak to God and gain direction, the other can only rely upon his own wits.

Brothers and sisters, what I have just described is what I call “The Saul spirit.” The Saul spirit is the spirit of religion. The spirit of compromise. The spirit of the establishment. The spirit of those who would establish their own kingdoms here on this earth and kill anyone who would challenge their authority. It is fundamentally the spirit of anti-christ. We have seen such a spirit down through the ages wreck havoc on the Body of Christ. Wreck havock on all who have the Spirit of God within them. Over the ages the Saul spirit has dominated the ones who are men and woman after God’s own heart. They have hunted down the saints and time after time attempted to intimidate them and dominate them and crush them and wipe them out. Can I tell you brothers and sisters, the Saul spirit is rising.

The saints have the Spirit of God within them. We are anointed of God. We speak to God and He speaks to us. He leads us and He guides us and He directs us. He has given us great gifts that enable us to edify one another. The greatest gift of all is the gift of loving the truth. We are lovers of the truth. The truth to those of the Saul spirit is negotiable, open to compromise. In order to prevail they would trample underfoot the truth that burns within our bones. The saint cannot live without it, the religious cannot live with it. The truth demands everything and the religious man is not willing to surrender to the truth. He is only interested in the truth so far as it can serve him and his purposes. When the pressure of a demanding world comes knocking at the religious man’s door, he opens up his door and welcomes in the world.

Today is no different than it was in David’s day. There is God’s anointed and there is that which is established. There is enmity between them. So to my brothers and sisters I say “know your enemies and do not be unaware of their strategies.” You must love your enemies without compromising the truth. Know that the Saul Spirit is rising and that you cannot serve two masters. Both require you to walk under their authority, you must choose only one. How can you tell when you look back through the last two thousand years who had the Saul spirit? The Saul spirit hunts down saints and kills them. It burns them to death while telling the world it is doing the work of God. Not too hard to spot.

They have replaced the realities of God with the sacraments of men. Man made traditions that bear none of the Spirit’s power. Counterfeit. Empty traditions of men. These doctrines are the commandments of men who have laid aside the Commandments of God. They reject the Commandments of God in order to keep their own traditions. They honor God with their lips but they know not God in their hearts, and they know it and jealousy drives them mad with hatred, a hatred that is rising up and threatening to consume the saints of our day. Yet the Lord’s anointed, His saints, that is, anyone who is genuinely born again of the Spirit shall not be swayed. They shall not bow the knee to Baal or any other God other than the one true God.

Stand fast brothers and sisters, do not be fooled, know your enemy and never relent to them. Follow the Word of God and the still small voice. Bow down and offer them your heads rather than bow down to their gods. The gods of this modern world, the god of abortion and perversions are no different than the god of the ancient worlds, Moloch , Ashtoreth and Baalim. They rise again as we speak for they know the end is near and their time is short. Stand fast brothers and sister and never bow the knee to the gods of this world. God will pour out His Spirit upon you as the enemy comes in like a flood. You are His standard and He will raise you to stand on higher ground.

2 Responses to “The established against the anointed.”

  1. Rebecca said

    I needed this … it was like a breathe of fresh air to me. The wilderness place is sometimes lonely BUT GOD … I love that phrase used so many times in God’s inspired word. I have seen so many different spirits in the institutional church … humanism … legalism … traditions of men not of God … church creeds based on man’s directives … I heard a message by Tony Evans that was right on. Take a listen and see how it will speak truth to your spirit man: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mL0Hr6dsXvY … the trumpet is blowing.

    We are to stand and stay firmly planted on the rock which is Christ. He said these things must happen … He warns us to not be deceived … the remnant are going to hold on to Jesus in the storm with faith on what is true yet unseen. Our God will walk through the waters with us and it will not overpower us … the fire will not consume us … He promises not even a hair on our head will be lost. I believe the promises because I have faith in His Truth which is absolute. I have seen His power at work in my life and I have heard His still small voice. I have been encouraged when I find myself down on the ground … Jesus will not leave His own and He will not let us be snatched from His hand. In saying this we must know there are tests coming that will show who are the faithful willing to endure to the end AND there will be those who have offered lip service only … they will also be shown. His Word are to Prepare to meet the LORD …

    I am thankful for God’s use of you … I give Him all glory and praise … people need to understand it is getting dark but it will become much darker we are to brace ourselves.

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