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The hireling runs and the saint stands!

Posted by appolus on December 19, 2020

It is a good thing when you are judged, mocked or spoken ill of for the cause of Jesus. For it surely is a sign of a man walking with his Lord? You are blessed when they speak ill of you for the name of Jesus. I always want to be found in the remnant group that is willing to suffer for the name of Jesus. There is risk in every act of faith, every word spoken for the Kingdom. Something that is worth something, costs something. People want the benefits of the cross but want no part of the suffering. They want the crown, but not the cross. It’s called religion.

It most often hides in plain sight and can often look wonderful and speak wonderfully, but always, without exception, self lies behind it all. If self is threatened then they fall back and compromise with the world in order to keep what they consider to be their position in society. No better example of this than the Pharisees and the high priest who thought it expedient that Jesus should die so that they may keep their position and their country, and of course it was not long after that that both were destroyed, position and country.

In the end, the hireling runs, it is what he/she does. They will always find another flock to attach to. The days ahead will surely see an even greater separation between the wheat and the tares. How is this weed identified in the end? It always comes against the flower, always. Give it time. We all act according to our natures in the end. That is why we must have the nature of Christ abiding in us. Stand therefore, saints, stand. The day is upon us.

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