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The shadow of the sunrise.

Posted by appolus on December 2, 2020

In Psalm 84 we see this verse…..

For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. This word day in the Hebrew is Yom, it quite literally means to be hot, as in the hot hour of the day. Sunrise, sunset, when the sun is high above us in the sky. The golden hours? Moments that pass quickly but while in them and surrounded by them they are warm and golden and unforgettable. Such are our moments in the manifest presence of God. They may be few and far between, they may be fleeting, but the warmth of their memories strengthen us in our inner souls.

A moment. Caught up in the vast expanse yet tenderly held in a warm embrace. Vast and intimate all at the same time. And these moments linger in the depths of our spirits. We remember every word we hear and how they flowed, like each word was a musical note and the song that is played becomes the melody of our heart, our song in the night. Our word from Him spoken into the deep.

So, one day, one moment in His presence is better than a thousand sunrises and more beautiful and inspiriting than a thousand sunsets. In these golden hours on earth where everything is brilliantly illuminated by the rising or the setting sun, we bask in their beauty and warmth. Now imagine a world and your life illuminated by something so vast that it could hold the sun in the psalm of His hand. The sun becomes a mere spark in the presence of our God. This is the source of all that we are. This illumination is life itself.

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